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How to improve the working efficiency of cnc router
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    After we buy woodworking engraving machine, we want to improve the work efficiency through some operation skills, first of all, talk about the operation of woodworking engraving machine start-up process and matters needing attention.
    1. Check the cooling water of the main shaft;
    2. Start the spindle at low speed and idle for 5 minutes;
    3, if the machine has not run for a long time, should be the first full stroke of the machine, the run-in time of half an hour or so is ok.
    4. The new spindle motor needs to run and close.
    We should carefully check the spelling of the text in the woodworking engraving machine project.If possible, print it out and confirm with the customer.

    Protection of carvings: The carvings of woodworking machines are often misplaced during the carving process, and we are often distressed to tell our clients that their carvings have been damaged during the carving process.
    To avoid these problems, try the following:
    1. Check whether the pliers or clips selected by the engraving machine are used incorrectly. At the same time, the wear of the pliers or clips on the engraving machine will also lead to the dislocation of the carved object.If the pliers or clip is too tight, it will also cause the carved object to pop out at the moment the cutting head touches it.
    2. The engraving machine for irregular shape of the carved objects, the surface appears to have been fixed tightly, when subjected to downforce will also shake back and forth.In this case, try lining the object with scrap material to increase friction.Jt2-0zu also preserves the package of the articles. Although the object is irregular in shape, the package with itself may be very regular and easy to be fixed. Add a small band, and the object with irregular shape is easy to be fixed.Or try the tool to fix the regular parts and discard the irregular parts.
    3. If the downforce on the carved object is very large, consider whether you must use the nose of a conical knife. If the woodworking engraver's diamond head moves too much during engraving, pressure on the side of the tool will cause the carved object to move.The same problem can occur if the wrong diamond knife is used.A 90 or 100 degree diamond knife will go deep into the material and cause the material to move as it is carved.

    Improving the working efficiency of woodworking engraving machine is equal to improving the production efficiency, which is very necessary for the development and expansion of enterprises.People constantly improve the function of woodworking engraving machine, strive to create greater value for the enterprise, so, improve the work efficiency of woodworking engraving machine is the best embodiment.However, there are many ways to improve the working efficiency of woodworking engraving machine, which are introduced in detail below.
    1. Determine the different cutting amount according to different materials.Because of the different materials of the tool will have a draft, we use woodworking engraving machine processing, try not to use the maximum draft of the tool for processing, a long time processing, tool damage is faster.In addition, the processing speed under the maximum draft is not up, a fast speed is likely to cause a broken knife.So we are not as good as under the knife quantity set to the maximum 2/3, so the tool life will greatly increase, the processing speed can also improve a lot;In this way, cutting tool cost can be saved and machining efficiency can be improved.
    2. Determine the depth of the knife according to the thickness of the carving material.We shall roughen it first and then finish it according to the actual situation.When the rough machining, cut off all the margin as much as possible, save the finishing time;Better tooling materials can also be used.Woodworking engraving machine performance is not only reflected in the hardware configuration of the machine, but also the need for our long-term accumulation of processing experience, to improve the engraving machine processing efficiency.
    In short, whether it is woodworking carving machine or stone carving machine, the main point is to determine a reasonable cutting dosage according to the hardness of the carving material and the performance of the carving tool, so as to play the advantages of the carving machine, achieve the desired carving effect.This is to improve the efficiency of woodworking engraving machine tips.

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