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How to choose the right tool for the cnc router ?
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Recently, many customers will report that they don’t know how to choose the tools on the cnc router when engraving some products, so I will give you an answer. Usually the cnc router is in the process of embossing and engraving, the choice of tools and jackets And use is a very important part. 
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1. The jacket of the tool

   First of all, the size of the tool jacket must be appropriate. The jacket must have a cross-section, the inner hole is not round enough, long-term use is worn, and the inner hole has a taper. Jacket must not be selected, which will easily cause the tool handle to tremble, and the engraving cannot be satisfied. The effect of this will make the quality of the product decline, which in turn will affect the company’s interests, so this is a very critical factor.
 The tool holder must be able to match with the jacket and be able to enter and exit the jacket smoothly. The tool holder must be able to be firmly placed in the jacket and be able to be fixed. If the tool jacket has been used for a long time and has deformation or other failures, It is necessary to replace the new engraving machine tool jacket in time
  The maintenance of the tool should be done well, and the toughness and sharpness of the tool should be checked regularly. If the tool is found to be blunt or broken, it should be replaced immediately. If you continue to use it, not only the engraving effect is not good, but also it is easy to break For the sake of safety, the danger of knives must be eliminated in time.
  The thickness of the processed material should not exceed the thickness of the cutting and engraving of the knife edge, otherwise the knife will be broken or the engraving and cutting effect will be unsatisfactory. You must make a suitable selection according to the products processed by the company at ordinary times.

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2. Common tool materials for tool making

  High-speed steel and cemented carbide are the most commonly used materials for tool manufacturers. Carbon 1 steel, tool steel can only be used for manual cutting tools due to its poor hardness and heat resistance. Cemented carbide coating tools, ceramics, diamonds, cubic boron boron materials with excellent properties have been used in many fields.
1) The cutting performance of cemented carbide is good. The bending strength of early cemented carbide is much lower than that of high-speed steel. With the development of technology, its bending strength has approached or even exceeded that of general high-speed steel. High-speed steel tools also depend on the heat treatment process of the tool manufacturer and the performance of the tool after quenching. And the hardness of high-speed steel will drop a lot at high temperature
 2) Diamond tools have been used in organic material cutting and high-gloss panel industries. Diamond has very high hardness and wear resistance. Some data show that its durability can be increased several times to hundreds of times than cemented carbide. Diamond tools are not suitable for the processing of ferrous metals.

3. Choose different knives according to different engraving materials

1) To carry out engraving and cutting according to different materials, different engraving machine tools should be selected and the cutting and engraving speed should be modified reasonably.
2) During the working process of the engraving machine, the high-speed rotating knives are very sharp. Please pay attention to keep your body parts away from the objects being processed, especially to try not to wear oversized work clothes. Women should bandage their hair to prevent accidents. .
3) The engraving and cutting speed should be balanced, and the processing speed should be as consistent as possible. The engraving and cutting process should be done in one go to prevent the occurrence of cutting marks on the broken point section and affect the engraving effect of the product.
4) For tools with high frequency of use like knives, cleaning is a very important task. It is best to use professional cleaners to clean knives, which can not only increase the service life of the knives, but also ensure good quality. The presentation of the cutting effect. When the knives are not in use, applying butter can prevent the knives from rusting. Do not sharpen and change the shape of the blade by yourself.

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   Therefore, the selection of engraving machine tools also has a certain technical content. The stability of the engraving machine tool and the workpiece is also very important. The stability of the workpiece refers to the smooth feeding of the wood workpiece without jumping during the cutting process. The measures taken to strengthen the stability of the workpiece mainly include lowering the center of gravity of the workpiece and increasing the contact area.
  If you have other questions when buying CNC engraving machine and laser cutting machine, you can communicate with our staff online at any time. ACCTEK will provide every user with the best purchase plan.

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