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How to choose a cnc router
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    There are more and more types of CNC routers, and people are often confused when choosing a cnc router and do not know which one to choose. According to the material you engrave or cut, you can choose which cnc router and cnc router size you need. The next step is to choose the configuration of the cnc router, so what should we pay attention to when choosing the configuration of the cnc router?
    Matters needing attention when choosing a cnc router
    1. To understand the performance and function of the cnc router motor, the spindle motor of the cnc router is also very important, because the spindle motor is generally out of warranty and the spindle motor has a long working time, so if the spindle motor is not good, it will affect the use of the cnc router.
    2. Pay attention to the function of the cnc router . The spindle motor of the cnc router has the characteristics of high power and low power consumption. Some cnc routers are only suitable for low-power processing of colored panels, building models, small signs, three-dimensional crafts and other materials. This process has been popular for some time, but its engraving ability is too small, and it greatly affects its scope. Application. In addition, the high-power spindle motor cnc router,
    Cnc routers are divided into two categories, one is a large-format cutting machine, the format is generally more than one meter, but the accuracy of this kind of cnc router is generally poor; the other is a medium-sized cnc router format: this cnc router is generally used Fine processing and organic label production.
    3. The speed range of the spindle motor is generally adjustable from several thousand to 30,000 revolutions per minute. If the speed cannot be adjusted or the speed range is small, the application range of the cnc router is very limited, because different materials must be engraved at different engraving head speeds.
    4. Engraving machine body manufacturing process: high-power cnc router body must be accurate and stable in terms of work requirements, so long-term high-power engraving machine should use cast bed or at least cast table to ensure its accuracy and stability.
    5. Controllers are generally divided into two categories: only drive controllers, and all calculations are done by the computer. When the computer cnc router is in the waiting state, it cannot typesetting. The other controller is used to control the SBC or MCU. This controller is actually a computer. As long as the cnc router starts to work, the computer can immediately perform other typesetting tasks, especially long-term cnc routers.
    6. Screws and guide rails are an important part of the cnc router. Good screws and guide rails guarantee the accuracy and performance of the cnc router for long-term use.
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    At present, woodworking cnc routers, which are widely used, have many advantages, such as flexible processing, high precision, and high production efficiency. However, as the technology is becoming more and more advanced and complex, higher requirements are placed on maintenance personnel, requiring them to have deep professional knowledge and rich maintenance experience. Therefore, the reasonable operation and maintenance of woodworking cnc routers are the key factors for rational use of woodworking cnc routers. one. Correct operation and use can prevent abnormal wear and tear of the machine and avoid sudden failures; do a good job of daily maintenance, keep the equipment in good technical condition, slow down the aging process, find and eliminate potential failures, and ensure safe operation.
    Precautions for daily maintenance of woodworking cnc router
    1. Working environment of woodworking cnc router
    In order to ensure the service life of woodworking cnc router, the general requirement is to avoid heat radiation such as direct sunlight, and avoid places with dampness, excessive dust or corrosive gas.
    2. Good supply guarantee
    In order to avoid large power fluctuations (greater than ±10%) and possible transient interference signals, woodworking cnc routers generally use dedicated line power (such as the use of low-voltage power distribution rooms for CNC machine tools) or additional adjustment devices , Can reduce the quality of power supply and electrical interference.
    3. Formulate effective operating rules.
    In the use and management of woodworking cnc routers, a series of practical and effective operating procedures should be formulated. Lubrication, maintenance, use and standardization systems are the main content of woodworking cnc routers and processing. Development and compliance with rules is one of the important measures to ensure the safe operation of woodworking cnc routers. Practice has proved that following the operating procedures can reduce many failures.
    Woodworking cnc routers are not suitable for long-term storage. Make full use of the advantages of woodworking cnc routers, especially in the first few years of use, which makes them vulnerable to early exposure and failure, so they are excluded from the warranty. During processing, the main shaft of the wood cnc router should be opened and closed as much as possible to reduce the wear of clutches, gears and other components. In the absence of processing tasks, the wood cnc router can also work normally, preferably 1 or 2 times a week, dry running for 1 hour each time. Use heat to reduce the moisture inside the machine, so that the electronic components will not be exposed to the humid environment, but also to find out whether the battery alarms, and set the system parameters to prevent loss.
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