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How does a laser engraving machine display its skill on a garment
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    Art of laser engraving machine, its principle is to use computer graphic design, typesetting, and made the PLT or BM files, and then use the CO2 laser engraving machine, make the CO2 laser engraving machine laser beam according to computer typesetting instruction, on the surface of apparel fabrics with high temperature etching etching under high temperature parts of the yarn by ablation, dye by gasification, the formation of different levels of etching depth, design or other water washing finishing effect.These designs can also be modified with materials such as embroidery, beadwork, ironing and metal baldric to enhance the artistic effect.
    Laser engraving machine technology is used for the artistic finishing of denim fabric to produce artistic patterns on the fabric. These patterns can include words, Numbers, sliding, signs and images. Moreover, effects such as monkey, cat whisker, torn and worn can be obtained through the precise cutting process of laser engraving machine.
    At present, the pattern design, parameter selection and operation technology of 3D vibrating mirror jean laser spray laser engraving machine are completed by Jinyun Laser textile and clothing Technology RESEARCH and development Center.The technology is now widely used in zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangzhou, where the textile and clothing industries are concentrated.Europe, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong clothing market has part of the products using 3D vibrating mirror jeans laser spray laser engraving machine laser element added in the popular style.
    The textile industry is a traditional industry and a large industry. It is an important way to improve the technological content of traditional industries by constantly connecting with traditional industries through high technology.
    Through dyeing and printing, the clothing fabric can get good effect and aesthetic effect.Traditional clothing fabrics with artistic patterns, mainly through a variety of printing and dyeing processing technology, so that different dyes through the pattern on the fabric of the fiber color pattern.In addition, there are other chemical methods or through heat transfer printing, digital printing to form clothing fabric flower-like patterns.However, a large number of them are traditional printing methods of textile fabrics, with long production process, single patterns and complex changing procedures. The production process is more involved in environmental protection restrictions, which, in particular, cannot realize people's growing demand for personalized artistic effects of clothing fabrics.In view of the disadvantages of the traditional finishing technology, the use of laser engraving machine technology and computer-aided design technology to carry out artistic finishing of denim fabric, give it special printing effect, has an important promotion value.
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    Laser engraving machine is widely used, cutting and engraving speed is very fast, so, also promote the laser engraving machine to become the most used engraving machine equipment in the industry.However, as a laser equipment, the use of more or less will cause some radiation hazards to the human body, especially the laser arc and flame during cutting, which will do great harm to the operator's eyes.So, in the process of daily production and use, how to protect your eyes, do a good job of radiation protection?
    Protective equipment of laser cutting machine is a typical laser protective goggles, due to avoid the laser protective goggles to the human eye injury, the protective principle can be divided into reflection, absorption, diffraction and combined several, of course, they will be on the basis of laser cutting machine laser radiation wave productive line filter protection, in order to maintain in the body of laser cutting machine laser, which is on the market is relatively safe lunch protective equipment of laser cutting machine.The same protection can be used for plasma arc of plasma cutting machine.
    1. According to national or local laws and regulations, wear dark eyes or goggles with protective layer or welding working cap, so as to protect eyes from the strong light of flame, ultraviolet and infrared ray of plasma arc.
    2. Pay attention to the adjustment of diet and strengthen the anti-radiation force
    If the human body has enough level of well-being, about the laser cutting machine the slight radiation is able to resist.Since these foods can help humans better maintain their eyes, they can help humans better maintain their bodies under the radiation of laser cutting machines.
    3. During the layout of the cutting site, the following measures can be taken to reduce uv reflection or radiation: paint the wall of the working site in a dark color to reduce the protection screen or curtain of the radiation device to reduce UV radiation.
    4. If the lenses of eyes, goggles or work caps are dented, please change them immediately.
    5. Other people in the work area should not look directly at the arc or flame when cutting.
    6. It is strictly prohibited to place any irrelevant total or diffuse reflection objects in the equipment to prevent the laser from directly reflecting on the human body or flammable objects.
    7. During the working process of the machine, the operator must observe the working condition of the machine at any time (such as: deformation of the hook edge, whether the paper laid is blocked by the air pump, abnormal sound of the machine, water temperature of circulating water, etc.).
    8. Do not push or pull the trolley or beam by hand.
    9. The environment where the machine is located is pollution-free, without interference and influence of strong electricity and strong magnetism.
    10. Do not start the machine when the voltage is unstable, otherwise the voltage regulator must be used.
    11. It shall not be used without trained personnel.
    The above is some laser engraving machine operators commonly used protection measures, from all aspects to do the most basic protection and safety work, not only can better operation equipment, may also do a good job of personal protection safety work.
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