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How Does Fiber Laser Welding Work

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Fiber laser welding is a welding technique used to join metal parts. The fiber laser welding machine concentrates the emitted high-intensity beam at one point, and this concentrated heat source can realize fine welding, deep welding and high-speed welding.

Fiber laser welding
If you want to know how does fiber laser welding work? This is a comprehensive guide that will answer your questions about laser welding.

How does fiber laser welding work?

No matter which welding technique is used to join multiple metal parts together, the goal is always to use a high energy source to melt the metal. Laser welding heats a metal surface by focusing a laser beam on a small area of millimeter diameter, which vaporizes the metal, creating a gap called a "keyhole." When the laser beam is finished, the liquefied metal around the keyhole flows inside, creating a weld between the two surfaces.

Main types of fiber laser welding

According to the different types of fiber laser energy transmission, laser welding machines can be divided into continuous laser welding and pulsed laser welding. Pulsed laser welding provides a controlled amount of energy, and this type of laser welding machine is typically used for products such as precision instruments or metal jewelry that require the finest welds.
Continuous wave lasers are more suitable for welding needs in the industrial field. Fiber laser welding machines with a power range of 1000W to 2000W can weld thicker metal materials at high speed. It can penetrate deep into the workpiece and complete the welding job in seconds. Fiber laser welding machines in this power range are increasingly replacing other traditional welding processes.
Fiber laser welding machine

Components of fiber laser welding machine

1. Laser generator
2. Cooling unit/Industrial chiller
3. Laser welding control system
4. Handheld laser cleaning gun
5. Nozzle, focusing mirror, protective mirror, laser protective glasses
The above parts are the components of the laser welding machine. In the actual operation process, the protective gas is also a necessary product. Shielding gases are used to protect the newly formed weld from the atmosphere in a similar way to how gases are used in arc welding. Otherwise, the weld will be porous, brittle and unstable. The use of shielding gas will directly affect the quality, efficiency and cost of laser welding.

What is the use of fiber laser welding

Laser welding system provide efficient metal welding solutions for advanced manufacturing in countless industries. Below are some of the main applications of fiber laser welding.
Assembly of auto parts
Auto parts are dominated by thin metal sheets, but also include non-ferrous metals such as aluminum parts, which usually cannot withstand excessive heat. If conventional welding methods are used, there are high technical demands on the welding machine operator. In particular, the connection of the body structure requires a high level of finishing to obtain beautiful welds. And high-level welding operators are in short supply, which limits productivity.
Fiber laser welding can avoid these problems for you. As long as the correct parameters are set, ordinary laser welding machine operators can efficiently complete the assembly of auto parts. The laser beam can be precisely positioned to allow you to weld hard-to-reach spots.
Bathroom supplies
Laser welder can well meet the technological needs of current bathroom products. Whether it is welding shower heads or welding faucets, bathroom fittings treated with laser welding technology will get a smooth surface and get a beautiful seam finish.
Door and window guardrail
In the process of home decoration, stainless steel doors and windows and guardrails are widely used. Using a laser welding machine to weld stainless steel doors and windows can ensure beautiful welds and ensure that doors, windows and guardrails have higher strength.
Medical instruments
Laser welding adopts non-contact welding method, which does not produce spattered welding objects, which can ensure clean and hygienic welding of medical devices.
Fiber laser welding is also widely used in machinery manufacturing, kitchen utensils, hardware, elevator manufacturing, craft gifts, household appliances manufacturing and other industries.
From the above, you can find that fiber laser welding is significantly better than many other types of traditional welding methods. Although laser welding machine price can be more expensive, the potential benefits and lower long-term operating costs are equally important. Take advantage of advanced welding techniques to improve the quality of your workpieces and optimize your operations.

Regarding the original question: how does fiber laser welding work? I hope you can get the answer you want by reading this article.

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