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Have you understood the classification of the drill bit of the engraving machine?
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 The application of engraving machines so far has become more and more extensive. Engraving machines are used for carving patterns on furniture, engraving text on billboards, and processing handicrafts. Engraving machines are everywhere, and there are more accessories on engraving machines. Today we talk about the drill bit of the engraving machine, which is a very important accessory on the engraving machine, because without the drill bit engraving machine, it is impossible to carve beautiful furniture and handicrafts.

Engraving machine drill bits are classified by material

According to our commonly used materials, drill bits are generally divided into high-speed steel and cemented carbide. If the machine tool spindle has good precision and high power, alloy drills can be used to improve processing efficiency. If the cost is considered, high-speed steel is more cost-effective. Of course, the efficiency is relatively low. In comparison with the same period, the efficiency of alloy drills is 1.5-3 times higher than that of high-speed steel drills. The advantages of alloy drills are high hardness, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. The disadvantage is that it is hard and brittle, and it is easy to break when used improperly.

Engraving machine drill bits are classified according to use

Drill bits are generally divided into ordinary drills, shallow hole drills, deep hole drills, centering drills, etc. according to their use. Needless to say, ordinary drills are used to machine ordinary holes. Generally speaking, 12 holes made with high-speed steel drills may be larger. Alloy drills are usually larger, but they are generally small. When the spindle accuracy is good, if the longitudinal runout of the machine tool is not good, any drill bit will have a large hole.

Shallow hole drills: When used on machining centers, indexable shallow hole drills are generally used, that is, drills with alloy blades. The use of such drills generally requires the machine tool spindle to have an internal cooling device, otherwise it will reduce the processing efficiency.
Deep hole drill: As the name implies, it is a drill bit used to process deep holes. The diameter and length are relatively large. Generally, there are two guide blades on the side edge.
Center drill: It is used when drilling positioning holes to prevent position changes during drilling.
Centering drill: It has better positioning ability than ordinary drills. It is generally used for centering holes or processing thin plates. The difference with ordinary drills lies in the different grinding methods of drill tops.
Reaming drill: A drill bit used for reaming after drilling with a drill bit. There is no drill tip angle. Generally, the reaming is between 0.5-2MM and is used in conjunction with the reamer.


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