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Future development of optical fiber lasers

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Future development of optical fiber lasers

(1)In the field of laser fine processing, such as brittle material drilling and sapphire glass cutting, ultra-fast and ultra-short pulse fiber laser is needed.At present, ultra-fast and ultra-short pulsed fiber laser with medium and high power is the focus of research and development.

(2)High power fiber laser with high beam quality is developed in the direction of higher brightness

(3)In order to adapt to the market demand for lasers, fiber lasers will gradually move towards serialization, combination, standardization and generalization.Using the limited specifications and varieties, through the combination and collocation of different modules, shorten the new product development cycle, improve product stability and reliability.At the same time, through the adoption of advanced communication technology and design concept, optical fiber laser remote diagnosis, remote maintenance, remote control and data statistics, through the real-time monitoring of the running state of optical fiber laser, detection and treatment of potential faults in advance, so as to provide better product services for customers.

(4)Driven by the demands of high and new technology fields such as shipbuilding and aerospace and the extensive application of additive manufacturing technology, higher output power has become one of the main research contents in the development of fiber laser. The output power of fiber laser will be developed from 100 watt level and kilowatt level to 10,000 watt level.It is expected that the output power of the fiber laser will reach tens of thousands of watts by adopting higher power pump source, more advanced special fiber design and high power fiber combination technology.Industrial equipment with kilowatts to tens of thousands of watts of high-power fiber lasers will become the mainstream equipment of high-end manufacturing industry

(5)To high average power, peak power of development in many applications of laser pulse fiber laser, laser deep engraving, laser cleaning, etc, for example, require high average power, peak power of pulse fiber laser, the high beam quality, the low power laser as a seed source, double cladding fiber as amplifier, easy to obtain high average power, high pulse laser output pulse energy, is currently the industry research hot spot and the difficulty.


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