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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine maintenance measures in summer

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Today is one of the 24 solar terms in China, Lixia. That is to say, starting today, China has entered summer. After entering the summer, the temperature is getting higher and higher, so how should the fiber laser cutting machine be maintained in the hot temperature? This article provides you with maintenance methods for metal laser cutting machine under high temperature in summer.

1. Check the cooling system of the laser cutting machine

In the case of high temperature in summer, the working pressure of the cooling system of the metal laser cutting machine increases. ACCTEK engineers recommend that you check the internal pressure of the cooler before high temperatures arrive.
Note: Different laser cutting machine manufacturers have different chiller pressures. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer for specific parameters before maintenance.

2. Check the cooling fan of the laser cutting machine

The dust of the fiber laser cutting machine is mainly metal powder. It is recommended to regularly clean the dust in the cabinet of the laser cutting machine. Check that the cooling fan is functioning properly and make sure the cooling is working properly.

3. Laser cutting machine scale cleaning

When the temperature is high, the deterioration rate of cooling water is accelerated. Customers who use the laser cutting machine should use distilled water or pure water to clean the scale regularly, so as to prevent the scale attached to the laser source and water pipe from affecting the laser power.
Note: Different models of laser cutting machines have different cleaning methods. Please operate under the guidance of the laser cutting machine supplier.

4. Note that the difference between the cooling water temperature and the air temperature should not be too large.

The laser and optical lenses of the laser cutting machine are water-cooled. When the cooling water is too cold, the water in the air will condense into ice, and when the cooling water temperature is too low, dew water will condense on the surface of the laser and optical lens. This can greatly affect the laser output efficiency and the life of the optical accessories. It is recommended to set the water temperature at 30-32 degrees, and the difference between the cooling water temperature and the room temperature is greater than 7 degrees.
Regular maintenance of fiber metal laser cutting machine can not only save economic costs, but also increase the service life of the machine. Therefore, paying attention to maintaining the fiber laser cutting machine at ordinary times can lay a good foundation for future use. Summer is coming, let's do the maintenance of the laser cutting machine before the summer.

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