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Does the appearance of the engraving machine matter
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    As the saying goes, "clothes make the man saddle the horse", this also applies to wood engraving machine, is a visual animals, customers on the Internet search wood engraving machine, attracted him at first sight is not the configuration, not function, also is not the price, but the appearance of the wood engraving machine, can you're welcome, said wants to sell a wood engraving machine, its appearance is occupied by at least 30%, the importance of this 30% directly affect the customer's purchase desire, and when the manufacturer of wood carving machine even attracted the eyes of customers are not meet, then how about the next step of consulting, watch factory, negotiation and purchase?
    The appearance of the wood carving machine is to belong to industrial design, but most of the manufacturers are outsourced to a professional design company to do, this is mainly because you want to do a the appearance of the wood engraving machine, need a team, at least 2 to 3 people, oh, this cost is a big spending, almost all of the wood carving factory house will not take this part of the cost for direct hiring, instead of outsourcing is more cost-effective.As long as the appearance of the wood carving machine manufacturers can attract the attention of customers, customers will want to consult the possibility, and this is only the first step of the sales of the machine, although it is the first step, but really the most important ring, thus it can be seen that the appearance of the wood carving machine is also very important for the entire sales process.

    Woodworking engraving machine is widely used in the production of fixtures and molds, machinery parts processing, handicraft engraving, medical equipment industry manufacturing, education and training industry, according to the different USES of the tool is different, choose the right tool can not only ensure the stability of the processing, but also can improve the processing efficiency.Next for you to introduce a few tools, convenient for you to use in different processing occasions.
    1. Face milling cutter.
    Face milling cutter is mainly used for machining plane and step surface of vertical milling machine.The main cutting edge of face milling cutter is distributed on the cylindrical surface of the milling cutter or on the electric conical surface of circular machine tool, the auxiliary cutting edge is distributed on the end surface of the milling cutter according to the structure can be divided into integral face milling cutter, cemented carbide integral welding type face milling cutter, cemented carbide machine clamping broken type face milling cutter, carbide indexable face milling cutter and other forms.
    2. Cylindrical milling cutter.
    Cylindrical milling cutter is mainly used for machining plane of horizontal milling machine.Cylindrical milling cutter is generally integral.Milling rod for high speed steel, the main cutting edge is distributed on the surface of the cylinder, no auxiliary cutting edge milling cutter coarse and fine teeth are divided into coarse teeth milling cutter few teeth strength, chip space is also large, can be re-grinding times, suitable for rough machining.The number of teeth of fine tooth milling cutter, working flat, suitable for finishing.
    3, keyway milling cutter.
    Keyway milling cutter is mainly used in vertical milling machine with closed circular head and high speed machining center slot.This milling cutter looks like an end milling cutter, and the end face cutter tooth without a center hole is cut from the outside circle to draw the center, and the spiral Angle is smaller, which enhances the strength of the end face cutter tooth. The cutting edge on the end face cutter tooth is the main cutting edge, and the cutting edge on the cylinder is the auxiliary cutting edge.When processing keyway, each time along the axis of the milling cutter feed a small amount, and then along the radial feed, so repeated many times, that machine tool can complete the keyway processing.
    4. End milling cutter.
    End milling cutter is one of the most widely used high speed machining center cutters in CNC machining center.We also into the sea CNC configuration of the most machining center tool.It is mainly used for machining groove, step surface and forming surface on vertical milling machine.The main cutting edge of end milling cutter is distributed on the cylindrical surface of the milling cutter, the auxiliary cutting edge is distributed on the end face of the milling cutter, and the center of the end face has a central hole, so generally can not be along the milling cutter radial feed motion, but only along the milling cutter radial feed.The end milling cutter also has the coarse machine tool electric tooth and the fine tooth cent, the coarse tooth milling cutter's cutter tooth is 3-6, is generally used for the rough machining fine tooth cutter's cutter tooth is 5-10, is suitable for the fine machining.The diameter range of end mills is 2-80mm, and the shank has straight shank, Morse taper shank and 7:24 taper shank and other forms.

    Engraving machine such a kind of equipment in real life, for many tools, has a vital role, this kind of equipment in the normal operation of the process, must do the relevant maintenance, so they will have a variety of different maintenance methods.
    1) engraving machine in continuous operation, ten hours a day under must ensure that cooling water clean, and to guarantee the normal work of all pumps, absolutely can't make the spindle motor appear a few water shortages of water, also want to time to replace the cooling water at the same time, to prevent the water temperature is higher, if working environment temperature was so low in the winter, to replace the whole inside the water tank of water with antifreeze.
    2) after every use the engraving machine, everyone should be pay attention to clean up according to the practical situation, at the same time must make the platform of the transmission system of dust to clean up all, lubricating, all of the transmission system on a regular basis and to ensure the maintenance of all the oil to conduct a comprehensive, has a variety of high-speed acceleration principle of butter, if working environment temperature is too low in winter so they also want to use part of the gas concentration of clean, and then added to the oil, otherwise is likely to cause a series of transmission part of the resistance is too large, and cause the oil displacement.
    3) During the regular maintenance inspection, be sure to cut off the power supply of the engraving machine, and ensure that all the monitors do not have any display. Make sure that all the engraving can be done after the power supply of the return circuit and the indicator light are off.
    4) Today's engraving machine in the actual use of the process, about three months to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the fasteners, both sides of the screw are to be tightened.
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