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Daily use and maintenance of the laser cutting machine power
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The following is about the daily use and maintenance of the laser cutting machine power, see how to do a good daily use and maintenance

    1) Power supply maintenance of laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine USES the high temperature of plasma arc column to melt the cut material and blow away the parent material to form the slit.The radiation intensity of plasma electrolight is very high, which is mainly composed of ultraviolet radiation, visible light radiation and infrared radiation, especially ultraviolet intensity. For example, the relative intensity of ultraviolet radiation with wavelength of 260-290 m is 2.2 times that of argon arc welding.Harm to human body in addition to light radiation, smoke and other toxic gases, high intensity high frequency noise, high frequency oscillator generated by the high frequency cause harm to human body.

Plasma is a special form of matter that modern physics lists as the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gas.Plasma arc is a compression arc obtained by forced "compression" of free arc through mechanical compression, thermal compression and magnetic contraction. It has concentrated energy, high temperature (18000-24000K in the center of arc) and high flame velocity (up to 300m/s).

    1. Unscrew the screws, remove the air filter and prepare for cleaning;

    2. Regularly monitor the network voltage of the CNC system to ensure that the fluctuation range of the network voltage is within the allowable rated range;

    3. Gently vibrate the removed filter and blow off the dust in the air filter with compressed air from inside out;

    4. Regularly check and replace the brush of dc motor;

    5. If the filter dust is too thick and the compressed air cannot be removed, the filter can be gently washed with neutral cleaner and dried in a cool place;

    6. Replace the storage battery regularly.In general, batteries should be replaced annually to ensure that the system works properly, even if they have not yet failed.

Daily use and maintenance of the laser cutting machine power

2) Power supply of laser cutting machine

    1. When cutting, try to set parameters according to the cutting table, such as arc pressure value, cutting height, perforation height, etc.;

    2. Ensure enough gas pressure and flow rate, the pressure is not less than 9kg during normal cutting (airborne power supply is not less than 6kg), pay attention to the distance between the gas and the plasma host;

    3. Maintain good electrical conductivity between the positive grounding clamp and the cut steel plate;

    4. When the plasma cutting is not used temporarily, please ensure that the heat dissipation of the main engine is sufficient before the shutdown, subject to the reduction of fan noise in the main engine;

    5. Open the shell of the main engine for dust removal every one and a half to two months (for example, blow with compressed air or dry with compressed air after cleaning with high-precision electronic component cleaning agent) to ensure the smooth completion of the main engine;

    6. Ensure that the incoming line of the main engine is in 3 phase electric balance, and do not have phase deficiency or excessive pressure difference;

    7. In case of insufficient cutting energy (such as penetrating steel plate, arc deviation or trailing), please stop immediately for inspection, and no further cutting is allowed;

    8. Ensure good grounding of steel plate, the resistance of steel plate to absolute earth should not be more than 3 ohms;

    9. Try not to suspend arc starting and perforation for a long time to improve the service life of wearing parts;

    10. Ensure that the cutting gun is maintained at the highest point of the lifting position before each cutting, during the high-speed and low-speed running of the air journey, during the downtime for maintenance, and before the shutdown.

Daily use and maintenance of the laser cutting machine power

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