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Common problems with carving machine

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      (1)What properties of the material will affect processing?

The main factors that affect the performance of material carving are material category, hardness and toughness.The material category includes metallic materials and non-metallic materials.

In general, the greater the hardness, the worse the processing, the greater the viscosity, the worse the processing.The more impurities, the worse the processability, the greater the hardness of the particles inside the material, the worse the processability.


     (2)What are the requirements of CNC engraving and opening material processing for the control system?

CNC engraving material processing is milling processing, so the control system must have milling control capacity.For small tool processing, feedforward function must be provided at the same time, the path ahead of the speed reduction, to reduce the small tool breaking frequency.At the same time, in the smooth path section to improve the speed of the cutter, so as to improve the efficiency of carving material processing.


    (3)What is the role of the auxiliary fixture?

Assist the fixture to fix the workpiece.When installing the fixture, first fix the fixture on the worktable and then fix the cubicle on the auxiliary fixture.In the mold processing, often USES the general fixture, such as vice, in the product processing, generally USES the special fixture, in order to improve the production efficiency.


    (4)The environment around the environment will affect the carving open material processing, how to affect?

The environmental factors that affect the carving material include power supply, vibration, ambient temperature and humidity, dust, lightning and so on.

Power supply is the most direct influence on the processing, mainly for the control system disorder.CNC control system of each electronic components, each functional component has a certain voltage, frequency range.The overload operation of any part will inevitably lead to the instability of the whole system. The common phenomenon is machining deviation.The influence of vibration is reflected in frequent short knives and the surface is not smooth.Common reason is the process of machine tool, machine tool installation level unqualified, there are presses around.

Ambient temperature and humidity mainly affect the performance of the control system and the performance of the driving motor.When the ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees, the control 

system may be miscontrolled and the driving torque of the driving motor may not reach the rated value.

Dust mainly affects the heat dissipation of electronic components and the sensitivity of sensor.Common phenomena include optical inspection failure, computer CPU fans do not turn.


   (5)The mechanical properties of the engraving machine mainly include those, how do they affect the engraving machine?

The mechanical properties of the cutting machine include flatness, verticality between shafts, positioning accuracy and repetitive positioning accuracy.

Flatness mainly affects the difficulty of leveling plates and workpieces.

The perpendicularity between the axes mainly affects the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. When the perpendicularity of the XY axis is large, the typical performance is that the diagonal of the rectangle is not equal. When the perpendicularity of the Z axis and the XY plane is large, the typical performance is that the surface is uneven when the flat knife is used to mill the plane with large spacing.

The positioning accuracy affects the size error of the workpiece, which is mainly determined by the precision of the lead screw, the compensation ability of the control system and the change of the ambient temperature.When the machining range exceeds 300 mm, the influence of positioning accuracy on the workpiece size must be considered.

Repetitive positioning accuracy mainly affects multi-tool machining and multi-process machining.The engraving machine is driven by roller screw, which can realize micro feed without crawling.The accuracy of repetitive positioning is mainly determined by the control accuracy, which is generally 2 control resolutions.


  (6)What are the main factors that affect engraving?

Machining is a more complex process, the factors that affect it are also more, mainly there are the following: machine characteristics, tools, control system, material characteristics, processing technology, auxiliary fixture and the surrounding environment.


  (7)How is the surface accuracy of the workpiece defined?

Surface accuracy can be expressed in two ways: Ra and Rr.Ra is the average height difference of surface shape, while Rr is the maximum height difference of surface shape.Of course Ra is easy to achieve.


  (8)CNC engraving material processing can be used with a small diameter tool, can it replace the edm?

No substitute.Although the cutting tool diameter range of milling has been reduced by carving open material processing, the small mould that can only be used for electric spark machining can now be realized by carving open material processing.However, the length/diameter ratio of engraving cutting tools is generally about 5:1.When using small diameter tools, only very shallow cavity can be processed, and the edm process almost no cutting force, as long as the electrode can be produced, can be processed out of the cavity.


  (9)CNC machining center spindle to add a growth head can be finished carving open material processing?

Can't finish.This product appeared in the exhibition two years ago, but could not finish the carving.The main reason is that the CNC machining center is designed to consider their own tool range, the overall structure is not suitable for carving open material processing.The main reason for this is that they mistook the high-speed motorized spindle for the only feature of the carving machine.


 (10)Can CNC engraving open material processing do the rough processing of steel materials?

Judge CNC engraving material processing can be processed a certain material, mainly to see how much tool can be used.The cutting tool used by CNC cutting machine determines its maximum cutting capacity.If the mold shape allows the use of a tool with a diameter of more than 6 mm, it is strongly recommended to use CNC milling first, and then to clean up the remaining material by carving.


 (11)CNC milling processing can only do rough processing,CNC carving material processing can only do finishing processing?

Before we answer this question, let's take a look at the concept of the process.The processing quantity of rough machining process is large, the processing quantity of finishing is small, so someone used to think that the rough machining is "heavy cutting", the finishing processing is considered to be "light cutting".In fact, rough machining, semi-finishing and finishing are the concepts of technological process, which represent different stages of processing.


 (12)What are the main differences between CNC engraving and CNC milling?

CNC engraving open material processing and CNC milling processing have adopted the milling processing principle.The main differences in the use of tool diameter, CNC milling tools commonly 

used tool diameter range is 6-40 mm, CNC engraving open material processing tool diameter of 0.2-3 mm.


  (13)Which materials are suitable for carving?

The non-metallic materials suitable for carving open materials include plexiglass, resin, wood, etc., the non-metallic materials not suitable for carving open materials include natural marble, glass, etc.Suitable for carving material metal materials including copper, aluminum, hardness less than HRC40 steel, not suitable for carving material metal materials including quenched steel.


  (14)How to convert material hardness?

We often say rockwell hardness, which is HRC.But how do you convert brinell hardness to vickers hardness?Here's a summary:

HB200 (brinell hardness) =HRC14, after that, HB increases by 5 degrees, HRC increases by about 1 degree, for example, HB300 degrees, the hardness is about 34 degrees, so it should be the material for tempering.

For vickers hardness HV we divide it by 9, which is approximately rockwell hardness HRC.


  (15)What and how does the tool itself affect processing?

The factors that influence the cutting tool processing include cutting tool material, geometric parameters and grinding technology.

The cutting tool material used for carving is carbide material, which is a kind of powder alloy. The main performance index that determines the material properties is the average diameter of the powder.The smaller the diameter, the more wear - resistant the tool, the higher the durability of the tool.

Cutting force is mainly affected by cutting tool sharpness.The sharper the tool, the smaller the cutting force, the smoother the processing, the higher the surface quality, but the lower the durability of the tool.Therefore, in the processing of different materials should choose different sharpness.When processing relatively soft and sticky materials, the need for a sharp tool, when the processing material hardness is larger, to reduce the sharpness, improve the durability of the tool.But not too blunt, or the cutting force will be too large, affecting the processing.

The key factor of tool grinding is the number of grinding wheels.The grinding wheel with high mesh can grind out a more delicate cutting edge, which can effectively improve the tool's durability.The high number of grinding wheels can be used to produce a smoother back cutting surface, which can improve the cutting surface quality.



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