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Common CNC Router machine problems and how to solve them

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Machine operators may encounter some problems that affect the normal operation of CNC router machine. This post introduces the common problems and solutions of the cnc engraving machine. If you encounter the following problems during the operation of the cnc router, you can try troubleshoot and solve problems.

Clamping/ Unclamping Problem Of Chucks And Fixtures

This can be a major issue when the piece to be worked on cannot be securely gripped by the chuck, or if it shifts or vibrates during the machining process. To resolve this, consider the following steps:
1) Check if the part is correctly positioned to ensure secured clamping.
2) Check if the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic pressure is adequately set-up.
3) Check if the jaws used are correctly set and adequate for gripping the material. Ensure a wider surface gripping instead of point gripping.
4) If the chuck does not open / close, check to see if the foot switch is working – see if the contacts are still working and that the wires are not broken.
5) Check to see if the lubricant is adequate for the different parts of the chuck, and that there isn’t dirt or debris affecting the movements.
6) Check to see if the output of the solenoid is working. If it does, a broken wire at the connector could be a problem.
7) Check if the draw tube which connects the hydraulic cylinder and the chuck is working, and if it is loose.
Attention: An improperly clamped machine part can lead to accident, damage or worse – injury to operator! Thus, it is critical that parts are properly clamped by the machine tool.

Power Supply Problems

Sometimes, the CNC machine tool’s display or different parts may not work due to issues with the power supply. To rectify this, ensure that the correct power and voltage is used for the input side of the power and supply. You should subsequently see if the output or secondary side is properly working.
If there is no power or voltage reading is low, consider disconnecting the output wires with the power off, and then power up and recheck the output side. You can also check to see if the LED on the machines are working, and have a look at the fuses to see if they’ve blown.
A stable power supply is required and is the basis for trouble free operations with any CNC machine tool.
Attention: Call a specialist for such checks on electrical parts or connections.

Automatic Tool Changer Problems

Occasionally, you may face challenges with the automatic tool changer in your CNC Machine Tool. This could be resolved by learning every step of the tool changing process, and troubleshooting it by diagnosing what went wrong.
Check that the base, the gripper arm, tool holder, support arm and tool magazines are working properly and smoothly. Or examine the swivelling and mechanical arm action to see that they work properly. Do also keep the automatic tool changer and tool holders clean of chips and coolant.

Overheating Of Machine Tool

For high volume and long durations of machining, overheating may sometimes occur. Your CNC machine tool may hit temperatures of 150 degrees or more within. This could negatively affect the result of your machining job, the tool used, as well as the CNC machine itself.
To avoid this, ensure that you regularly clear all channels and clean the machine to be free of dirt, soil and material. Have a regular calendar of cleaning up all metal shavings as well as the liquids used in cutting.
ACCTEK as a professional cnc manufacturer, can provide you quality machines as well as professional solutions. If you need an engraving device or encounter problems during the engraving process, you can always consult our staff online. Hope to help you.

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