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Classification and application of 3 axis CNC router

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A CNC router is an automatic machine that runs through a computer control system. It is ideal for processing light materials including wood, plastic, MDF, acrylic, aluminum and PVC. The CNC router can meet various processing methods such as engraving, cutting, milling and drilling of materials. In the CNC machine tool market, the most common one we have is the 3 axis CNC router, which moves the milling cutter along three axes - X axis (front to back), Y axis (left to right) and Z axis (up and down) mobile intelligent engraving equipment to produce workpieces.
CNC routers come in various sizes and functions. This article mainly introduces several 3 axis CNC routers used in different fields. They range from heavy-duty industrial CNC routers to entry-level desktop CNC routers designed for small businesses and hobbyists. Some high-end CNC router machines will be equipped with auto tool changer, or the machine will be equipped with a 4th axis of rotation depending on the machining needs. You can choose the CNC router model according to your machining needs and the price you can afford.

Heavy Duty Industrial CNC Router Machine

The size of an industrial CNC router is usually 4x8 ft or 5x10 ft, which means its effective working area is 1300x2500mm or 1500x3000mm. In our company AKM1325 and AKM1530 are two popular CNC router models. This heavy-duty 3 axis CNC router is commonly used in the furniture industry, such as mass production of panels such as cabinets, wardrobes, wooden doors, etc. There are two models of heavy duty industrial CNC routers, one is an affordable normal heavy duty CNC router, and the other is an ATC CNC router with auto tool changer. The price of these two types of CNC machine tools is very different, and their functions and processing efficiency are also different.
Ordinary 3 axis CNC routers are suitable for smaller production companies or start-ups. This heavy-duty CNC machine can process a variety of materials, but the work efficiency and engraving accuracy are limited. If your business does not need to produce a large number of sheets and does not require high machining accuracy, then this affordable 3 axis CNC router is ideal for your needs. It's feature-rich and inexpensive.
The other is the ATC CNC router with auto tool changer, which is twice the price of an ordinary 3 axis CNC machine, but its advantages are also more obvious. First of all, it is equipped with an auto tool changer, which is loaded with 8 different tools for replacement. When different processes need to be processed, the machine only needs to complete the automatic tool change in a few seconds, and there is no need to stop the machine to change the tool manually, and the work efficiency is much higher than that of ordinary 3 axis CNC machine tools. In addition, the auto tool changer CNC router is equipped with a 9.0KW ATC spindle. Compared with the ordinary CNC router spindle, this high-power spindle has faster cutting speed and higher engraving accuracy. Therefore, ATC CNC router is more suitable for enterprises that need to process plates in batches. It can produce more workpieces for you in a shorter time and provide higher workpiece quality.
Heavy Duty Industrial CNC Router Machine

Small Business 3 Axis CNC Router Machine

Some small enterprises, such as advertising companies, musical instrument manufacturers, children's toy manufacturers, etc., do not need a large worktable, so they can choose a small 3 axis CNC router. We have a 4x4 table size CNC router that can meet the processing needs of this part of the material. The price of this 3 axis CNC router tends to be around $3500, making it a fully affordable CNC cutting device for small businesses. The 1200x1200mm workbench can be used to process various products such as advertising signs, guitars, violins, wooden toys, etc. It is widely used and cheap. Of course, the 4x4 CNC router also has a model with an auto tool changer, and its auto tool changer usually loads 4 tools for users to use.
Small Business 3 Axis CNC Router Machine

Desktop 3 Axis CNC router Machine

Desktop 3 axis CNC routers are typically entry-level CNC router machines designed for hobbyists. This mini CNC router is available in 2x3 tabletop size and 2x4 tabletop size, perfect for home users or craft lovers. It is small in size and simple in structure under special design, and it is easy to be placed in small workshops or at home. You only need to prepare a model file in the NC program and submit it to the machine, and then it can complete the workpiece production by itself. It can realize any of your ideas within the range that the table size can process. And the price you care about, the mini CNC router can be purchased for only $2500.
Desktop 3 Axis CNC router Machine
There are many types of CNC machines. The above shows you the application and price of three 3 axis CNC routers, which can almost complete most of the needs of industrial processing. In addition, we also provide a variety of high-end CNC machine tools such as rotary axis CNC router, 4 axis CNC router, 5 axis CNC router, etc. They are often used in more complex workpiece processing requirements, such as 3D Buddha statues, ship models, car models, etc.
No matter what kind of processing needs, you can contact us. As a CNC router supplier, we are good at customizing exclusive CNC machine for users, so that they can buy the most valuable machines at the cheapest price.

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