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Can machine carving replace hand carving
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    CNC engraving machine development so far, a variety of carving machines linglang everywhere.So with that said, I want to ask you, are you looking for a mid-range price, or are you looking for a cheaper, better machine?
    Engraving machine from the principle of its work and the way it moves, it is close to hand carving.Speaking of which, I have to say that the hand-carved masters are not good, is it not also difficult for some masters to carve the essence of objects and objects?It is inevitable that human beings are good and machines are good and bad.Good sculptors are lifelike and amazing, but there are fewer and fewer people at the technical level now. Maybe some perfect works can only be isolated pieces. Later, no one or no one will want a piece of work for a month, although it is of great value, but the transformation of market economy.Whether the customer will buy it.Or someone else's machine carving, a hundred times cheaper than your hand carving.All of the above are personal opinions.
    Now let's talk about machine carving, there are many kinds of machine carving, there are also half hand, half machine carving.There are also fully automatic machines.The accuracy of the machine can be up to two decimal places, but there are still drawbacks that consumers can't see.So Let me sum up a few points: cheap machine, after-sales service can not be guaranteed, the quality also needs the buyer to verify better.
    With the development of woodworking industry, the application of woodworking carving machine is more and more extensive, the single manual work has been slowly turned to automated work.However, in the process of wood engraving machining is an important problem has been bothering most of the manufacturers and users, in the process of carving machine will produce a lot of dust, although the most woodworking engraving machine is equipped with suction device, but its not fundamentally solve the problem of dust, here are woodworking engraving machine dust to deal with problem analysis:
    A lot of users in the use of woodworking engraving machine, if there is no dust, or no vacuum will bring certain harm to the machine and people!To fundamentally eliminate dust pollution, it is necessary to follow the route of comprehensive treatment, starting with production equipment, the selection of advanced and reasonable mechanical equipment, supplemented by certain dust-proof and dust-removal measures.
    But under the current conditions, the most effective measure is to choose dust removal equipment.The selection of dust removal equipment should consider the purification degree required by the operation site and the nature of dust.For large wood dust and medium wood dust can be timely collected on site, and for the most harmful fine wood dust, the traditional effective method is to use the pneumatic dust collection device or cloth bag dust collection equipment to collect.
    It is worth noting that there is no installation of large dust suction CNC engraving machine equipment manufacturers, can be added in the machine itself a single dust suction and dust collection device, can also play a better effect.For safety reasons, operators should wear protective glasses and dust masks to protect their eyes and respiratory organs, especially workers operating on machine tools that produce fine wood dust. They should wear large mouth pieces to prevent dust from being damaged.The user that USES woodworking engraving machine please pay attention to protect respiratory tract, do not let dirt reach inside nasal cavity!A long time will do great harm to the body.

    1325 single head woodworking engraving machine now CNC woodworking engraving machine is the most used engraving model number.As the name suggests, is by the manufacturer according to the model woodworking engraving machine processing range of the name of the life.The general is also engraving machine factory is commonly known as the united, this model woodworking engraving machine general maximum processing size is the length of 250cm, width of 130cm, processing height of 20cm is mainly used in the wood door, density board cutting and carving and so on.1325 generous pipe single-head woodworking carving machine according to the configuration of high and low, also generally divided into 1325 automatic knife woodworking carving machine and common single-head or double-head woodworking carving machine.
    Chinese name: 1325 wood engraving machine  type: engraving machine  type:  width: 130cm; processing height: 20cm
    The main performance of 1325 single-head woodworking engraving machine is as follows:
    1. 1325 Single-head woodworking carving machine bed is made of thick wall steel tube.The bed has been designed to provide a rigid and stable processing platform for the machine and all the bed components have been relieved of stress before the bed processing.
    2. 1325 single-head woodworking engraving machine is an economic product with relatively high cost performance.
    3. The table adopts vacuum adsorption table, which is made of electric wood, resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and can strongly absorb non-metallic materials of different areas.The vacuum adsorption table is divided into six processing areas, which can be processed in single area or simultaneously, which has improved the processing efficiency.
    4. The Y axis of the machine tool is driven by two sides with double tracks, which can be used for heavy cutting.
    5. The embedded DSP NUMERICAL control system transmitted by USB can realize the functions of breaking point carving and power cutting, and the standard 128 M Flash memory can realize the completely offline operation.
    6, fast processing speed, high efficiency, the air range speed up to 45000mm/min, in the wave plate engraving processing, up to 15000mm/min.
    7. 1325 Single-head woodworking carving machine Application scope: solid wood door, density board, hard plastic, antique furniture, solid wood art mural musical instrument three-dimensional curved surface, shape cutting, etc.
    1325 single head woodworking carving machine is now one of the most selected carving machine models in wooden door enterprises.A lot of processing avoid lacquer door, the enterprise of solid wood door is to choose 1325 woodworking engraving machine because this kind just suits the processing size of wooden door, use simple, processing is rapid.This is also the factor that 1325 woodworking engraving machine gets client welcome very much.

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