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Can a CNC router cut and engrave on metal

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When people mention the CNC router, most of us will consider cutting and engraving wood on such machines. However, some users have the need to cut and engrave metal, and they often ask, can CNC router cut and engrave on metal? Here is the answer to this question.
CNC router machines can cut soft metals like aluminum, and copper. However, many metals are hard materials, and not all CNC router can cut metal. The ability of a CNC router to cut metal depends upon factors such as its rigidity, spindle power, the cutting tool used, and the machine ability of the metal. If you are only cutting parts of metal occasionally, maybe a normal CNC router can meet your needs. But if you need a rigid machine that can provide strong cutting force to cut metal surfaces, we recommend that you buy a metal CNC machine tool that specializes in processing those hard materials.
CNC moulding machine more suitable for the hard metal material processing. CNC moulding machine with the part moves in X and Y, and the spindle moves in Z. The cnc moulding machine is table moving, compared with the gantry moving machine, the table moving machine is with higher precision, more stable. At the same time, we have installed protective devices on both sides of the workbench to make it easier to clean up waste and cooling water. This smaller envelope and rigidity also allows for more accurate parts. So, if you’re looking to stay within a certain tolerance, cnc moulding machine could be the right solution.
Metal cnc router machine
ACCTEK cnc machines for metal usually have spindles that are lower speed, but higher torque, than a CNC wood router, there’s a little more power to the cut. Also it can equip with auto tool changer. The ATC cnc moulding machine can complete a variety of processes at one time, and the processing efficiency is unmatched by manual operations. Before processing, use computer to design graphics, simulate and test whether the processed workpiece meets the requirements, and adjust the test piece in time, which greatly reduces the error rate.
CNC machines for metal can be said that the machining center is the most suitable mechanical equipment for mold processing. The cnc moulding machine  adopts advanced CNC system, has break point memory mode to make continuous working after electronic drop or other situation. It is suitable for engraving,milling and drilling compactly all sorts of materials such as steel,copper,aluminum and plastics. So ACCTEK cnc moulding machine are widely apply to automotive,injection mould,ironware mould and engrave mould industries. Especially designed for engraving and milling molds, eyeglasses, watch, panel, badge, brand, graphics and words of three-dimensional and outside surface's sleeking of large size.
When cutting metal objects on cnc router engraving machine, the cutter and materials also generate considerable heat. You can cut it dry, but if you use a mist cooling system tool lubricant not only help to produce the best decorative surface, but also extend the life of the tool, thereby saving costs, you can get better results. Also with water tank when you choose a T-slot work table use water for cooling the tool and the metal material when you use cnc router cut metal. The correct maintenance of the cnc router machine helps extend the service life of the equipment, thereby creating benefits for enterprises.
cnc machine for metal
ACCTEK CNC has more than 15 years experience in this industry. We are still trying our best to produce innovative products to help customers lower their costs and increase their returns. If you are interested in our cnc router metal engraving machine  please no hesitate to contact us for future cooperation. We hope to get a mutual benefit with you in the near future.

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