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CNC Router Machine: Everything You Need To Know
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As the mainstream equipment in industrial production, CNC router machine provides a more efficient and precise processing method for the engraving and cutting of workpieces. Whether you are engaged in woodworking project manufacturing, advertising industry, or metal mold processing, you can choose a suitable CNC router machine to start your plan. This article introduces the characteristics of various types of CNC machine tools and the solutions to the problems you encounter when using CNC routers. Continue reading, click on the link you are interested in, and enter the detailed page.
If you are buying a CNC router machine for the first time, a comprehensive introduction to CNC machine tools is something you must know. Its content involves the characteristics, composition and application of CNC router. This is a comprehensive explanation about CNC router machine.
The Best CNC Router Buying Guide in 2022

After you have a basic understanding of CNC router machine, you also need to know which machine is more suitable for your workshop. When purchasing a CNC router, you need to consider its size, power, motor type, and many other factors. Here are the purchase instructions for the CNC router.
What CNC Router should i buy

When you have learned about the different types of CNC routers, you have already decided which CNC machine to buy. Now you must be wondering how much does the CNC router cost? Here you can check the CNC router price:
How much does a CNC Router Machine cost
According to the characteristics and functions of CNC router machines, the market is divided into different types. But even the same type of CNC router will still be divided into different models according to the application field. Therefore, when you buy a CNC router, you need to consider many factors to choose. Here is an introduction to CNC routers for different industries and sizes that you can use as a reference.
CNC router AKG1212 is a small CNC engraving machine that is popular with hobbyists. Its desktop size is 4x4 feet, suitable for home, personal studio, advertising industry or school education use.
Cheap Hobby CNC Router Machine with 4x4 Table Size
If you are a furniture manufacturer, you need to process large areas of wood to complete woodworking projects such as cabinets, doors, and screens. Then the industrial CNC wood router is more in line with your production needs. Here are two models for you to check out.
Best 4×8 CNC Router in 2022 for sale at factory price

5x10 CNC Router Machine for Cabinets Making
CNC router and plasma combo machine is a multifunctional CNC cutting equipment. It can not only process non-metallic materials, but also cut metals, and has a wider range of applications. Here are the woodworking and metal projects that French user Aurelien has done with this machine.
CNC Router and Plasma Combo Machine work from French user
If you are a large company, you need to meet the schedule of mass production. Then ATC CNC router is more suitable for your workshop. This CNC router with auto tool changer can greatly improve processing efficiency, make engraving and cutting faster, with higher precision and simpler processing.
The popular ATC CNC Router Machine in China
The 4-axis CNC router machine is based on the ordinary 3-axis CNC router and adds a fourth axis. It has two machine forms. One is a rotary axis CNC router with a 4th axis, and the other is a swing head 4 axis CNC router. Here are the differences between the two so you can choose the right 4-axis CNC router.
Swing head 4 Axis CNC Router and Rotary axis 4 axis CNC Router
With the above information, you can already choose a correct CNC router machine for your workshop. Below ACCTK CNC will show you more guidance on CNC router machine operation.

If you are a CNC router machine beginner, in order to avoid some unnecessary troubles or mistakes in the operation, you should first understand the precautions for operating the CNC machine. Only in this way can the best effect of the CNC router be brought into play while ensuring safety.
CNC Router Machine beginner operation precautions
Acrylic is one of the most widely used materials in the advertising industry, and you need to pay attention to some factors during processing to obtain a smooth surface. The following tips will help you avoid irregularities in cutting acrylic.
How to cut acrylic with CNC Router
During the machining process of CNC router machine, noise will be generated when the high-speed rotating tool is in contact with the material, which is a normal phenomenon. However, when other parts of the CNC engraving machine make abnormal noises, it is likely to indicate that the machine is faulty. Click the link below to help you solve this problem.
CNC Router Machine reasons and solutions for noise generated
When you think of CNC router machines, non-metals like wood and plastic usually come to mind. Some users will ask can the CNC router cut aluminum? You can actually cut aluminum easily by matching it to the correct feed rate. Here are tips for CNC router to cut aluminum.
Can CNC Router Machine cut aluminum?
This article is a comprehensive guide to all things CNC routers, and we will be continuously updating it. You can bookmark this article to view the relevant knowledge of CNC router machine at any time.

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