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Best 4×8 CNC Router in 2022 for sale at factory price
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CNC router is a great tool for any size workshop. They are available in a variety of options, from small desktop machines to large stand-alone machines, CNC engraving machine helps users with crafts making, sign making, furniture making, decorations and many more CNC router projects.

CNC Router projects
Whether you are a CNC router enthusiast or a CNC router professional, an affordable 4×8 CNC router is a great choice. 4×8 CNC router machine is also called 1325 CNC router machine, this is because its working space is 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, which is 1300mm×2500mm. This is a commonly used table size and it is the most popular CNC router for making wooden doors, cabinets, tables, screens and many more woodworking projects.
Important factors to consider when purchasing a 4×8 CNC router machine include the machine’s spindle, controller, engraving accuracy, worktable, and ease of use. Of course, what you are most concerned about is the CNC router machine price. In this article, we will show two 4×8 CNC router machines. One is an ordinary  4×8 CNC router, and the other is a high-end 4×8 CNC router with automatic tool changer. So that you have all the information you need to choose the right CNC router.

Affordable 4×8 CNC Router Machine

4×8 CNC Router
This is a basic wood CNC router, equipped with a 3.2KW water-cooled spindle, which can maintain a good cooling effect even if the machine works for a long time. It can cut entire 4×8 boards, MDF or plywood. Unlike 4×4 CNC router and other small size CNC machines, the 4×8 CNC router is complicated by the long running distance, so its drive choice is a rack and pinion drive system. Smooth operation and higher precision.
CNC router table is available with aluminum T-slot table or vacuum table. The aluminum T-slot table uses clips to fix the plate, which can save the energy consumption of the vacuum pump. The vacuum table adopts vacuum adsorption to fix the plate, which needs to be used with a vacuum pump, but the operation is simpler and more convenient. You can choose a suitable CNC router table according to your processing needs.
The 4×8 CNC engraving machine adopts Mach3 control system, the program is installed on the computer connected with the control machine, and the operation is simple. With spindle speed feedback function and power failure recovery function, high reliability. Equipped with Taiwan Hiwin square guide rail, running smoothly, high wear resistance, quiet and no noise.
The affordable 4×8 CNC router is an easy-to-operate, powerful machine that is easy to use even for  CNC engraving router beginners. It's cheap, and you can buy it for just $4,700.

High-end 4×8 CNC router machine with atc

4×8 CNC Router with atc
If you are a large manufacturing company and need to process a large number of sheets or each sheet requires multiple processes, then a 4×8 CNC router machine with automatic tool changer is your best choice. It is loaded with 8 different tools and automatically completes the tool change within seconds according to the system settings, without the need for the machine to stop working, which is more efficient.
The ATC 4×8 CNC router machine is equipped with a 9.0KW air-cooled spindle. The high-power spindle has faster cutting speed, higher machining accuracy, stable performance and longer service life. The drive system selected is Taiwan Delta servo motor, which makes the CNC engraving machine with auto tool change machining center have the advantages of low noise, high speed and high positioning accuracy.
The high-end 4×8 CNC router table is an aluminum T-slot and vacuum combination table. Select the material fixing method according to the processing needs, which is more convenient and efficient. Equipped with a double-bag dust collector, when the wood CNC router is working, the dust-proof brush on the main shaft can control all the waste such as sawdust in a small area, and then suck it into the vacuum cleaner through the pipe. This not only reduces cleaning time on the work area, but also helps protect employees from dust particles.
ATC 4×8 CNC router machine provides more efficient work than ordinary CNC equipment, and can complete various engraving processes such as contours, curves, and hollowing without stopping. And because the ATC spindle power is larger, the control system and the drive motor are more stable, it runs faster and has higher engraving accuracy. Of course, ATC CNC router is more expensive, with a minimum price of $10,600.
Whether you are a CNC router hobbyist or a large production company, the right 4×8 CNC router can help you start a project or grow your business. ACCTEK 4×8 CNC router machine is on sale at factory price, start communicating and you will get professional buying advice.

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