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A carving machine in the eyes of a woodworking enthusiast
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    Most fans of engraving machine is to play, it is difficult to predict how much things will be processed in the future, so although it is "type", its processing area (that is, XY axis travel) or not too small.In order to ensure that can deal with most of the size of the sculpture, the processing area of A3 paper about 300 * 400mm) size is more appropriate, then large is not convenient on the table.
    The concept of N axis engraving machine and the structure of engraving machine are briefly introduced.N axis, 3 d coordinate system has three axes, respectively is X axis, Y axis and b, only has the capability of three direction of engraving machine engraving machine called three axis, three axis engraving machine spindle is usually fixed vertically downward, only positive Z axis processing, unable to make the main shaft to XY and negative Z direction, the direction and the need for space processing, the spindle must turn to, in order to make up for the main shaft space rotation of difficulty, can make the processed parts accordingly axial rotation, so the 4 axis and 5 axis, six axis engraving machine, its respectively on the basis of triaxial increases the axial rotation capacity of XYZ.
    The structure of the engraving machine can be divided into many types according to the free combination of the three axes XYZ.For example, the column type and the gantry type, the column type characteristic is the z-axis independent, the XY axis combined with the gantry type characteristic is the axis combined with the X-axis.Many enthusiasts tangled mobile gantry type or mobile platform good, in fact, the two structures have their own characteristics.
    The moving platform is a combination of the XZ axis (i.e. the gantry) and the Y-axis fixed on the rack respectively, and the workbench fixed on the Y-axis. The movement of the Y-axis is equal to the moving workbench.The advantages are easy to achieve high precision and high speedThe disadvantage is that the Y-axis stroke cannot be too large, and the overall weight of the complex frame is heavier.High precision planer milling machine, engraving machine more adopt this structure.
    Mobile gantry type is gantry in Y axis on the whole movement, the workbench and frame as a whole fixed.The advantage is that the frame structure is simpler and easier to achieve greater Y-axis travel with less weight.Advertising engraving machine, wood engraving machine and other machines with high - speed cutting - based models mostly adopt this structure. Cc stands for ComputerNumerical Control.In principle, the NC engraving machine contains high power, high speed and high precision rotation which can hold the cutter
    A mechatronics device that can be programmed to make the power head move regularly in a three-dimensional space.Its high-speed rotating tool cuts away the material in a controlled motion, eventually cutting the material into the desired shape.
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    Along with the rapid development of science and technology, numerical control machine tool technology is increasingly far away, now woodworking engraving machine technology has very mature, not only on line carve, lettering, hollow out velocity accuracy, is a significant effect on relief, stereo carve ascension, have with artificial or indifference, even higher than artificial accuracy, but the speed gap is heaven and in earth.Woodworking engraving machine factory home in the country at least also have 100, but the engraving machine that each manufacturer place produces is different, this mainly reflects in appearance and configuration go up.
    1: spindle motor brand and power abroad have Italy HSD spindle motor well-known brands, domestic changzhou si qi spindle motor, power size is 1.5, 2.2, 3.0, 3.7, 4.0, 4.5 k to higher, different power size corresponds to the different application field, is given priority to with relief, you can choose to 1.5 or 2.2 kW, give priority to with cutting, cutting, 3.0 kW to 9 kW is the direction of the customer to choose.
    2: guide way: guide way to woodworking engraving machine's influence mainly reflects in the precision and machine life, the famous brand has Taiwan on silver and Yintai, and then there are circular rail and square rail said but now circular rail has been few people again the use of guide has 20, 25, 30 points, 30 guide best but general woodworking carving machine configuration is 25 guide.
    3: fixture and vacuum adsorption: woodworking engraving machine fixed materials there are two ways :1 is fixture, 2 is vacuum adsorption, vacuum adsorption table to facilitate the loading and unloading of materials, this is an advantage, the disadvantage is high power consumption.
    4: drives and motors: most manufacturers choose is ray brand drive, this also is the domestic well-known brand, abroad have Japan yaskawa, this involves the workings of a woodworking engraving machine, stepper OR servo, if you have been communicating with multiple manufacturers, then you should know than stepping on the precision of servo system.
    5: Frequency converter: The famous frequency converter is Fuling. The engraving machine frequency is driven by the motor of the main shaft of the engraving machine. The main requirements are stable operation and smooth rotation speed change.Full speed fluctuation small low speed torque large can ensure low speed cutting.
    6: structure of lathe bed, bed have a light of lathe bed and heavy lathe bed, said the choice of this part is mainly aimed at the woodworking engraving machine will because when carving carving and shaking, most woodworking engraving machine Z axis stroke is 200 mm, but for some special industries such as: coffin coffin, must choose heavy body.
    Well, the above is woodworking carving machine very important 6 components, before buying woodworking carving machine, must ask clearly these configuration, above these things look complex, actually also not how much, general through the introduction of woodworking carving machine factory, can be familiar with very soon, oneself also can have a general judgment.
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