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what a fiber laserr cleaning can do
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  • 2021-12-15 14:12
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What is laser rust removal?

Acctek Laser rust removal a form of laser cleaning is an effective tool for cleaning metal substrates and product pieces. A Laser cleaning system removes rust and oxide deposition. Indeed be cleaned quickly and entirely without harming the metal beneath the surface.
Laser rust removal machine is a better solution to physical and chemical cleaning processes removes rust with greater precision and lowers additional capital. It’s a smart way to reduce the environmental consequences too.

Why use laser marking for rust removal?

No consumable and Green technology

Acctek The laser cleaning method has eliminated the supplementary processes that clean rust with essential chemicals and consumables. It is the only option that complies with the regulations of environmental protection. These laser descaling machines consume very low energy.
Laser cleaning produces a minimal amount of dust and debris. It can be cleaned instantly with a dust extraction system(Filtration unit with Fume extraction system) that we offer and pre-configured if necessary for you.

Eliminating Manual Labor

Investing a large number manual workforce in cleaning is unsustainable. It’s ineffective and can be done more efficiently with robotics. Minimize manual work by laser cleaning a technology that is quick and are  ultimately semi-automated.
You may collaborate with us and may use our system integrator for a tailored solution for your factory.

Minimize maintenance work

All who use abrasive blasting(like sandblasting) have to confront maintenance problems: There are many interruptions in the device. Both for the presence of sand the state of the nozzle or its removal blasting machines need constant inspection and servicing.
Laser rust removal is a non-contact process that consistently cleans rust while significantly reducing maintenance costs.

Creates a safe and secure workplace:

Rust cleaning laser in industrial environments is exceptionally secure when combined with a dust extraction device(Fume extraction unit) and a Class-1 protective laser enclosure.
Operators next to the laser marking device do not require personal protective devices for respiratory hearing or body protection at the time of operation. In comparison they no longer treat hazardous goods.

What does the  Acctek fiber laser cleaning machine do for you?

 Pre-welding treatment with Laser Cleaning

As a highly selective procedure laser rust removal is the fastest way to enhance the quality of any welded piece. With the rust and dirt deposits wholly removed. The amount of porosities in the welding joints diminishes significantly and the scale is two or three times smaller. As a result the welds have a higher yield power tensile strength ductility and fatigue life.

Pre-coating treatment with Laser cleaning

If you are welding the components until you paint them the oxides must be cleaned to protect the coating from weakening over time. The same needs to apply if the substrate is shiny prior to the coating operation. The laser cleaning procedure absolutely prevents corrosion ensuring that the coated components are of excellent quality.

Why Cleaning using Laser Cleaning process?

Nearly In almost all industries lasers can provide quick cleaning and surface preparation. The laser is conveniently automatic and has lower maintenance and Low operational cost. The laser system removes rust oil and grate strips paints or coatings or changes the surface texture and finish to improve adhesion for example by adding roughness.
1. No abrasive chemicals while processing no contamination isolation and disposal issues.
2. Zero solvents while laser cleaning process-a chemical-free process and a Fully environmentally friendly approach.
3. We have a choice to select the area to be cleaned Thus saves time and money.
4. It is a non-contact method that never deteriorates its efficiency.
5. An easily programmable System that can reduce running costs by reducing labour costs while ensuring greater consistency with performance

Laser cleaning also referred to as laser surface cleaning has been an essential and vital method for many industries worldwide. Laser Cleaning application is by no means the only form of cleaning technique and several other forms of cleaning methods have been used before.
However laser cleaning was launched to the industry to overcome some of the challenges posed by these other processes and give their customers a different series of benefits.
As discussed other types of cleaning processes were readily accessible to industries including some dry-ice blasting media blasting or cleaning using the presence of organic solvents which were sufficient to complete the work in the hands. The concern is that all these techniques often had multiple unintended side effects.
The greatest concern with these processes is that they are abrasive and sometimes life-threatening. Not just they have environmental impacts but they also have safety concerns as a significant amount of potentially hazardous waste is also generated by all these cleaning methods.

What are some pros and cons of laser cleaning method?

Pros of laser Cleaning

Unlike Sandblasting laser cleaning is completely safe and secure for the environment and the machine’s operator. It causes little to no pollution or wastage and does not need extra cleaning. The only safety measures required to avoid most—if not all—risks are laser marking training safety goggles and a dedicated optical danger zone. Laser cleaning technology efficiently extracts and eliminates chemicals without impacting the substrate. It guarantees that the components will last indefinitely and you will save on the cost of replacing or purchasing new appliances.

Cons of laser cleaning

Laser cleaning is indeed one of the easiest ways to remove pollutants from the surface of the metals and non-metals But it is not always appropriate & relevant for all substrates.  Laser technology works well for a small area focused substrate surfaces but Larger surface areas generally take longer to clean and may not achieve the desired effects. The laser cleaning technique is prohibited when cleaning dents inside pipes. If the cleaning spot & area is not visible the laser won’t be able to clean the area efficiently & effectively.

What is Sandblasting and some of its Pros and cons?

Sandblasting is often defined as abrasive blasting. It is basically the action of a stream containing abrasive material being actively propelled towards the surface. The sandblasting method is conducted under high pressure to polish the surface layer roughen the smooth surface/shape to eliminate the pollutants or contaminates over the surface. There are many sandblasting techniques such as bead blasting soda blasting and shot blasting.

Pros of using a sandblasting process

1. The abrasive effect upon the substrate surface: abrasive chemicals used in the procedure aggressively impact the surface.
2. Appropriate for the substrate’s rough surfaces: The sandblasting method’s effective operation eliminates pollutants from hard surfaces like concrete.
3. Easy Removal of Pollutants and contaminates: the sandblasting procedure aims to remove the various surfaces’ contaminants quite easily.
4. Minimal equipment engagement: abrasive blasting does not require sophisticated machines for its operation.

 Cons of using sandblasting processes

1. It is not suitable for flat smooth surfaces:Abrasive blasting is not appropriate for the processing of smooth surfaces due to abrasives. Therefore you should use soda blasting instead of sandblasting which is also a similar technique for surface preparation.
2. Abrasives:The abrasives used during the sandblasting operation are very rough. Thus if they were to be used on a routine basis for specific surface preparation the surface which has to be prepared would be worn away.
3. Usage of silica:has been prohibited in most countries including China due to its various health hazards.
4. Heat emission and generation:This procedure involves the projection of high-speed tiny particles which means that much heat is emitted during the process that can affect both the health and the surface.
5. Precautions Require: This procedure requires many precautions to avoid various kinds of potential hazards. Apart from that the operator must cover all of its body parts at the time of the operation.

What is the best treatment for rust? laser rust remover vs sandblasting”

Laser cleaning can serve a similar function as sandblasting whenever it comes to rust removal various iron oxide oil grease inks paints & coatings. But laser ablation eliminates pollutants with hardly any effect on the substrate surface. It is not guaranteed in the case of sandblasting.

What are some Laser cleaning benefits to the user?

First there is no issue with substrate wear since there is no mechanical chemical or thermal stress on the substrate and the operation will impact only organic substrates.
Second It produces very little waste and the residue left over is not at all harmful such as dust and some particles.
Next it is a fully automated operation which means that it requires input from the operator. It has both reliability and cost advantages but it also provides yet another level of protection by eliminating the operator from the process as far as possible. It also ensures that activities are performed in hazardous or toxic conditions.
In specific as discussed above rust cleaning laser & fiber lasers give their users significant levels of control when it comes to output power wavelengths and pulse variables. Operations are being carried out with high precision and all of this combined helps users clean any surface with the exact parameters they need.
Another benefit of the technique again with fiber lasers is its ability to complete micro or nano applications. Many global markets have evolved significantly in recent years and components parts and goods have become smaller(up to the nano level) and more complicated. It has seen an increased demand for a method that can operate on a micro level to complete minor tasks or work with small objects.

How much does a laser rust removal machine cost?

Rust removal is one of the Convinent  method applied on metals using a 100 200500 1000 2000 Wattage Laser rust removal machine. When we have a targeted metal surface the oxidized layer and any Rusted layer underneath absorbs the heat energy and evaporates the Corroded Rust layer from the surface directly into a gas known as sublimation. The laser cleaning system uses the laser beam’s short pulses at high watts and cleans up rust from the metal without damaging the component. Here is a Price guide in US Dollars – Low Power laser cleaning  (50W – 100W) : $70000 – $116000 – Mid Power laser cleaning(200W – 500W) : $160000 – $305000 – High Power laser cleaning (1000-2000W) : $440000 – $700000

How to choose different power of the laser cleaning system? 100W ?200W?1000W?2000W?

Choosing a laser welding system is always a difficult job for an Original equipment manufacturer.
Handheld held or Integrated rust removal laser of 1000 to 2000 Wattage helps the rust to evaporates. High power(1000 to 2000W)system is the most effective precise laser cleaning solution of rust and oxidation for OEM. Its very simple to see that the oxidation layer above the large metal surface absorbs the high watt energy and converts the solid thick rust layer directly into a gaseous state.
The high wattage laser won’t affect the metal underneath leaving a highly polished surface ready to be painted and welded.
The Laser rust cleaning system uses short pulses of laser radiations.   The laser of 1000w to 2000 W power produces microplasma buries along with thermal pressure and shock waves to sublimate the rust and separate it from the metals. It won’t evaporate the human flesh.
These Lasers are 3-axis laser cleaner systems Used for Heavy duty. These lasers are integrated into Automation to clean huge parts and where the part rotation and part handling is difficult. Automatic cleaning of metal on Curve surfaces and shapes.
The high-power Portable Laser Cleaning Machine extends cleaning from the floor to the field. An Industrial 2000 watt laser cleaning machine is applicable for the removal of rust from the metal surface. They are applied to surfaces of bridges airplanes heavy cars trains tire frame rust cleaning laser mould cleaning.
It makes the entire rust removal process very simple and easy. Unfortunately there is a rather large drawback that is the cost. yle=“color:#0000cd;“>These lasers are specially developed and they cost around High Power (1000W-2000W) : $440000 – $700000.

Laser for wattage 100 to 200 is used in slow operations where the rust removal is applicable only in a small area and where the paint is removed from the surface to apply a new paint coating over the surface. These Lasers are not recommended to integrate into automation as their power and frequency have limitations. High-speed cleaning of rust is not possible with this laser system. Therefore in many places it is available as a handheld machine.
yle=“color:#0000cd;“>These lasers are cheaper but not very cheap.  cost  of 100 to 200 wattage laser cleaning is around $105000 – $160000

Where to buy laser rust removal?

P-Laser designs and manufactures the world’s most sophisticated commercial laser systems for manual and automatic operation. Their laser cleaning systems range from 20 to 1000 watts of a highly precise laser beam that easily eliminates rust pollen oxides oil and other contaminants from almost all the metals plastic ceramics glass stone or concrete.
And since this cleaning method leaves the substrate unaffected our laser systems provide unforeseen possibilities for an ever-increasing range of industrial uses from branding or labelling to surface preparation for non-destructive inspection.
Allied Scientific Pro (ASP) has designed and developed a laser cleaning device for the conservation industry. Absolute power over a wide variety of criteria enables accurate cleaning and the potential to maintain patinas.
With a longstanding history of experience in nano-laser and micro-machine processing ASP is capable of providing state-of-the-art laser systems to meet the needs of preservatives. Their laser device is lightweight durable and has a long lifespan with little to no maintenance for years. They use state-of-the-art laser and scanner technologies to provide high-quality efficiency and speed-efficient cleaning without risking harm to the material.


Heatsign is one of the premium brands known for providing all types of laser cleaning solutions for paint removal and Rust cleaning for OEMs.
With our expert team and experience we suggest the most cost-effective solution to our customers. We have a great service and the technical support team will help you in every step. We believe in long term relationship with our customer and customer belief in us is our strength.


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