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What 100W Portable Laser Cleaning Machine can do for you
100W laser cleaning machine is a popular metal cleaning equipment, it is suitable for any cleaning project such as rust removal, paint removal, oxide removal and grease removal. If you work in a metal fabrication company, the ACCTEK 100W laser cleaning machine is your perfect laser rust removal device. It is ideal for removing rust or oxide layers commonly found in heavy metal manufacturing.
The Portable Laser Cleaner is a handheld machine. It is positioned by a laser beam, which can easily remove contaminants from the metal surface for you to repair the workpiece. Since the 100W laser cleaning machine uses a pulsed laser, it can better control the heat input and prevent the substrate from being slightly soluble due to high temperature. Therefore, it can be used in application scenarios with high precision requirements such as cultural relic cleaning and repair.
The 100W laser cleaning machine is also suitable for removing rust and paint, and can be used for aluminum alloy, stainless steel, hard plastic, etc. Through the non-contact cleaning method, it avoids the use of chemical agents, does not cause environmental pollution, and does not endanger the health of operators.
What makes the portable laser cleaning machine unique is the trolley design, the whole machine is like a suitcase, easy to move, you can easily take it from one work area to another. In addition, the hand-held laser cleaning gun is connected with the main control box through a 5m long transmission cable, which enables it to work in a narrow and free space.
An important factor when looking for a good product is price. For handheld laser cleaner, prices range from $11,000 to $30,000, depending on your needs. You should contact us so we can guide you in choosing the best laser cleaning machine.

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