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Trolley case portable laser cleaning machine 100W
The laser cleaning equipment shown to you in today's video is a portable laser cleaning machine for trolley cases. Our machine operators have used it for laser cleaning projects such as aluminum laser rust removal, stainless steel laser rust removal and MDF laser paint removal. You can see that the handheld laser cleaning gun is very easy to operate, and no matter which cleaning items, clean and damage-free cleaning results are obtained.
Laser cleaning is a technology that uses high-energy laser beams to focus on the surface of materials to quickly vaporize or peel off pollutants such as oil, rust, and paint on the surface, thereby realizing surface cleaning of materials. At present, as a new industrial cleaning method, laser cleaning machines are widely welcomed in the industrial market. Compared with mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, fiber laser cleaning machine has many advantages such as high working efficiency, low operating cost, environmental protection and pollution-free, which meets the needs of modern industrial production. Laser cleaning is currently a relatively reliable and effective cleaning method.
The portable laser cleaning machine adopts a trolley case, the body size is 680×500×230mm, and the weight is 30kg, which is very convenient to carry. Users can use it in the workshop or carry it to any workplace where cleaning is required. The chassis is made of integrated injection molding, with a stable structure, which has a buffering effect on the impact of foreign objects, and is resistant to compression, drop and wear resistance. You don't have to worry about damage to the internal structure of the machine during carrying. This fiber laser cleaning machine is equipped with a hand-held laser cleaning gun, with an integrated design of buttons and handles, small and convenient, and easy to use. When the machine operator performs cleaning operations, he only needs to hold the handle to scan the pollutants on the surface of the material, and the rust and paint removal can be completed at high speed and effectively.
The portable laser cleaning machine is equipped with a 100W pulsed fiber laser, which has the characteristics of independent adjustable pulse width and frequency. In the case of changing the pulse width and frequency, it can still maintain a high stable peak power output to adapt to a wider range of cleaning scenarios. Because the pulsed laser can better control the heat input, it can effectively prevent the substrate temperature from being too high to cause slight melting. This feature makes it widely used in work scenarios that require high non-damage to the substrate, such as cleaning of precision instruments, precious metals, historical relics and other items.
The handheld laser cleaning machine uses the characteristics of precise positioning to meet the cleaning work of various shapes of workpieces. Even many dead corners that are not easy to clean can be cleaned with laser to achieve fine results. In addition to the laser rust removal and laser paint removal shown in the video, the laser cleaning machine can also remove oil, graffiti, cement and other pollutants; in addition to cleaning metal and wood, the laser cleaning machine can also clean plastic , rubber, stone and other materials, the application range is very wide.
The high precision of this pulsed laser cleaning machine determines its higher price, usually more than 10,000 US dollars. If you are cleaning large workpieces, such as steel plate rust removal, car paint removal, outdoor fence rust removal, etc., due to the larger area of ​​the material and the faster heat dissipation of the substrate, it is not necessary to choose pulse laser cleaning and it will not cause damage to the substrate. You can choose a high-power continuous laser cleaning machine for this cleaning project. We have fiber laser cleaning machines with power ranges of 1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W to choose from. Among them, the 1000W laser cleaning machine can be purchased for only 6,500 US dollars. It has a fast cleaning speed and a large cleaning area, and is very popular in industrial cleaning.
Choosing the right laser cleaning machine is influenced by many factors, so the only way to determine the best laser cleaning solution for your workshop is to talk to one of our laser experts. He will answer all your questions and walk you through the steps in choosing the right laser cleaning machine.

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