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Small handheld laser rust removal machine in Ukraine
This is a photo from Ukrainian user feedback to us next to a small handheld laser rust removal machine. At present, this laser rust removal equipment has helped him to complete the rust removal of many metal projects, and he is very satisfied with the working performance of the AKQ-1000 laser cleaning machine.
This small laser rust remover not only ensures the high efficiency of high-power cleaning, but also has a smaller body size and is very portable. The overall size of the handheld laser rust removal machine is 1040x640x870mm, and the handheld laser cleaning gun is fixed on one side of the machine for easy access. Lightweight universal wheels are installed at the bottom of the cabinet, you can easily carry the machine to any workplace where laser rust removal is required. The use of a handheld laser cleaning machine means that you can overcome the limitations of the working environment, whether it is indoor rust removal or outdoor scene rust removal, it can meet the needs.
The control panel of the handheld laser rust machine is installed on the top of the machine. For the touch control screen, you can flexibly modify the cleaning parameters to achieve the best effect of cleaning different materials. In the laser cleaning system, you can save the commonly used cleaning parameters in the process library, so that when cleaning the same material next time, you only need to select the corresponding parameters to start the cleaning operation, and you do not need to set it every time. This makes laser rust removal easier and more convenient, and saves time for debugging parameters.
We have done laser rust removal and laser paint removal tests on this small laser rust remover before delivery. You can learn about the specific cleaning process and laser cleaning effect through the video in this article. In the video, we can see that whether it is laser rust removal or laser paint removal, a very good cleaning effect can be achieved in a very short period of time. Moreover, it is very convenient to use the laser cleaning gun. The user only needs to align the light outlet to the surface of the material to be cleaned, and turn on the laser to start repeated irradiation. In addition to consuming a small amount of electricity, the entire laser cleaning process has no consumables and no waste. Therefore, the operating cost of the laser rust remover is very low, and laser cleaning is a more environmentally friendly industrial cleaning method.
Laser cleaning also has the advantage of precise cleaning. In the video, because the surface of the material to be cleaned is relatively wide, a wider scanning width is set to obtain a faster cleaning speed. If you want to clean a small area of ​​material, or only need to clean a certain part of the surface of the material, you can set a narrower scan width so that the rest of the surrounding area will not be affected during the laser cleaning process. Because the laser beam can be positioned, laser cleaning has a more precise cleaning effect.
The small handheld laser rust removal machine has many advantages, so once the product is released, it has aroused the interest of many users. If you are not sure if it will work for you, you can send us the samples that need to be cleaned. Our staff will take a cleaning video for you, so that you can intuitively understand the effect of the laser cleaning machine. Learn more about laser cleaning solutions and start chatting now.

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