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Rust Removal Fiber laser cleaning machine
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  • 2022-05-10 16:04
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Rust Removal Fiber laser cleaning machine

Main Advantages:
1.High cleanliness.
2.Precise positioning cleaning.
3.Non-contact cleaning protecting brittleness material surface.
4.Effective removal of micron pollution particles.
5.Environment friendly type No consumables.
How To Use?
The operation is simple turn on the power supply turn on the equipment can carry on without the chemical reagent the mediumthe water-free cleaning can adjust the focus manually adheres the surface cleaning the cleaning surface cleanliness is high.
Application Area: this kind of handheld laser rust removal machine is widely applied in mold industry automobile manufacturingshipbuilding industry food processing sewage treatment rubber tires petrochemical and other industries.
Application Scope: this laser cleaning rust machine can quickly remove paint and remove mextal or glass surface coating rust and a variety of oxides grease resin glue dust stains production residues rough mextal surface. laser The cleaning rust machine can also remove the greasy dirt Post-weld oxide and dispose of the residue before welding. Mould cleaningsuch as tire mouldelectronic mould food mould. Greasy dirt of the precision parts can be removed after production and processing. All in all this laser removal machine can quick cleaning of nuclear component maintenance.



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