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Luggage-style Portable Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine
With the wide application of laser cleaning equipment, there are more and more models of laser cleaning machines. Common laser derusting machines are separate control cabinets. In addition to this model, there is also a luggage-type portable laser cleaning machine. The appearance of this laser cleaning machine is small and exquisite, and the whole is like a suitcase, which is more convenient to carry and suitable for use in different workplaces.
The hand-held laser cleaning machine outputs the laser beam through the laser head, and the operator holds the laser gun to clean the workpiece. Through the positioning function of the laser beam, some dead corners that are not easy to clean can also be effectively cleaned.
Advantages of Portable Laser Cleaning Machines
Luggage-style design, integrated integration, convenient for operators to carry to any work area to achieve precise cleaning of target items.
Non-contact cleaning method, no damage to the substrate, no pollution, no follow-up processing.
The laser cleaning process has the characteristics of high efficiency, speed and low cost. The cleaning process is safe and reliable, and does not damage the health of operators.
When using the laser cleaning machine, pay attention to the safety of laser protection. The laser will cause certain damage to the retina and cornea, as well as burn the skin, so please wear laser protective glasses throughout the use. The ACCTEK portable laser cleaning machine is equipped with protective glasses in the chassis, and does not need to be purchased separately. In addition, after the power is turned on, do not look directly at the light outlet of the cleaning head. During the cleaning operation, it is also necessary to avoid that the light outlet of the cleaning tip is at the same level as the eyes.
Laser cleaning machine can overcome many of the problems faced by rust removal and other industrial cleaning. If you need an efficient metal cleaning machine, please feel free to communicate online.

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