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Laser rust removal instead of traditional cleaning methods
Laser rust removal is a type of laser cleaning and an effective process for cleaning metal products. Using a fiber laser cleaner, rust and other contaminants can be quickly and thoroughly removed without damaging the underlying metal substrate.
Laser rust removal is a good alternative to mechanical and chemical cleaning methods due to the higher accuracy of rust removal and lower operating costs. In the process of laser rust removal, no chemicals are used and no secondary pollution is generated, which is also a good way to reduce environmental impact.
Why use laser to remove rust
Get rid of consumables, low running cost
As an environmentally friendly technology, laser cleaning replaces the use of consumables or chemicals to remove rust. During the operation of the laser rust removal machine, only a small amount of electric energy is needed to complete the cleaning and descaling work efficiently. This is an industrial cleaning solution that complies with environmental regulations.
Save labor costs
Traditional rust removal methods require labor-intensive cleaning of each part, which is inefficient. By using a laser cleaning machine, even one person can easily complete multiple cleaning rust removal tasks.
reduce maintenance
Every user who uses blast cleaning faces frequent machine interruptions. Whether it's the presence of sand, the condition of the nozzles, or replacement, sandblasting machines require regular monitoring and maintenance. Laser rust removal is a non-contact method that continuously removes rust while significantly reducing maintenance costs.
The result of laser rust removal is that you get a clean surface where rust and dirt layers evaporate without affecting the substrate. Learn about the real laser rust removal effect with laser cleaning video.

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