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Laser cleaning machine for cleaning metal welds
The principle of laser cleaning welds:
The principle of laser welding seam removal is to irradiate the surface of the workpiece to be treated by a laser beam. Under the laser energy concentration, the huge energy generated by the beam irradiated on the surface of the material smashes the pollution layer, so that the dirt can peel off the substrate instantly and restore the original material of the material. face. The entire cleaning process has no consumables and no chemical pollution. Laser cleaning technology is an emerging high-efficiency, environmentally friendly and low-cost process.
The laser cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning metal substrates and products in many industrial productions, and can also be used to clean other different materials. It is especially suitable for cleaning irregular and uneven surfaces, and is suitable for surface cleaning that cannot be solved by traditional cleaning.
Advantages of laser cleaning metal welds:
1. Remove impurities such as oxides and improve metal corrosion resistance.
2. Optimize the surface conditions before welding to make the weld more beautiful.
3. No other media and chemical reagents are required, and it will not pollute the environment.
4. It can be used at any time before and after welding, easy to operate
5. The non-contact cleaning method will not damage the substrate.
Laser cleaning machines have higher controllability in the cleaning process, are maintenance-free, and have low operating costs. Laser cleaning technology will inevitably become the development trend and first choice of industrial cleaning in the future.

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