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Laser Cleaning Machine used in tire industry
Laser cleaning technology has been widely used in the tire industry. The laser cleaning machine has a particularly good cleaning effect and fast speed in cleaning tire blocks and tire sidewalls!
The technology of laser cleaning tire molds has been adopted in a large number of tire industries. Although the initial investment cost is high, the advantages shown in saving standby time, avoiding mold damage and saving raw materials can quickly recover the cost. Compared with the conventional cleaning method, the economic benefits of the laser cleaning process are obvious.
Advantages of laser cleaning tire molds:
High efficiency: After the laser is irradiated on the surface of the tire mold, it will be absorbed by the deposits on the surface of the mold. Under the action of high temperature energy, the deposits are instantly vaporized and evaporated off the surface of the object, and the time required is very short. The traditional cleaning methods, such as ultrasonic cleaning, can only be cleaned after preheating, cooling and other processes, and it takes a long time. For a tire manufacturer with a daily output of thousands, laser cleaning machine is obviously the most efficient.
Reliable: The laser beam can reach the difficult-to-remove parts for cleaning, and the cleanliness is higher. Moreover, laser cleaning is non-contact cleaning, and no solvent or substance is added during the cleaning process, so under suitable process parameters, it will not cause damage to the tire mold. Compared with traditional mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and other methods, it is more reliable.
Environmental protection: The laser cleaning machine uses a high-energy laser beam without using any organic solvent, so it does not produce chemical waste and is harmless to the human body and the environment.
Laser cleaning machine is fast and reliable in tire mold cleaning applications, it is a reliable helper for tire manufacturers. 

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