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Laser Cleaning Machine replaces dry ice cleaning
Whether it's metal rust removal or metal paint removal, you need to protect the safety of your operators when cleaning materials. However, most cleaning methods have certain hazards. Laser cleaning machines provide a safer and more efficient industrial cleaning solution. This article introduces the cleaning methods of two different media, laser and dry ice.
What is dry ice cleaning?
Similar to other media cleaning methods, dry ice blasting uses CO2 to freeze and blow away material surface contaminants. The advantage of dry ice cleaning is that there is no problem of waste recycling and disposal, but dry ice is expensive and difficult to transport and store. Equipment used for dry ice blasting is prone to damage, which means you have to repair or replace it when it fails, which is an expensive cost.
Dry ice blasting requires a well-ventilated space because the use of dry ice can lead to a buildup of CO2, otherwise the operator may be at risk of suffocation. When using dry ice blasting, operators need to wear multiple layers of protective gear, including gloves, jackets and ear muffs, as dry ice blasting can be very cold and noisy.
What is laser cleaning
Laser cleaning machines aim a powerful laser beam at the surface of rust, coating or paint to decompose contaminants and effectively remove them from the substrate. Among all industrial cleaning methods, laser cleaning machines have the lowest operating costs. It has no consumables and can be used when powered on. Hand-held laser cleaning gun design, more convenient to move.
No chemicals are used in the process of laser cleaning metal, which will not cause secondary pollution and is more environmentally friendly. The operator only needs to wear laser protective glasses when carrying out laser cleaning rust removal, which will not cause any harm to the health of the staff. Compared to dry ice blasting, the laser cleaning process is much safer.
From 100W portable laser cleaning machines to 2000W industrial laser cleaning machines, laser cleaning machines provide various solutions to meet different industrial cleaning needs.

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