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Laser Cleaning Machine is used in the industrial cleaning

Laser cleaning machine can provide high-speed cleaning and surface preparation in almost all industries. This low-maintenance, high-efficiency cleaning process can be used to remove grease, paint, or remove rust.
Laser cleaning has several advantages over traditional cleaning processes. It does not use chemicals and does not require handling of abrasive materials. Compared with other complicated cleaning processes that require manual handling, laser cleaning machines are more convenient and easier. You only need to hold a laser cleaning gun and irradiate the laser beam to the surface of the material to be cleaned to complete a series of cleaning processes.
Laser cleaning is controllable and it can be applied to specific areas of the part. Laser rust removal machine makes it easy to maximize productivity and deliver quality that meets repetitive cleaning standards. Since this cleaning method only uses a laser beam to evaporate the contamination layer that needs to be removed, there are virtually no consumables. The laser cleaning machine only needs to be powered on and can be used, and the running cost is very low.
Currently, the most common laser cleaning applications include:
Metal rust removal and cleaning of other contaminants
Seam cleaning after welding of aluminium and stainless steel
Wash material surfaces to maximize paint adhesion
Laser Removal of Metal Surface Oxides
Paint stripping for scrapped parts due to paint defects
Laser cleaning machines are also widely used in other industrial fields. It can overcome many of the problems faced by rust removal and other industrial cleaning. Learn more about the application videos of laser cleaning machines, which you can get online.

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