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Laser Cleaning Machine for removing aircraft paint
In the aerospace field, after long-term service of aircraft metal skin, the paint layer on the surface will be aged, cracked and peeled off. In order to ensure the stability and safety of aircraft flight, the original paint layer must be cleaned regularly to facilitate the repainting of the surface. In the process of removing the paint on the surface of the aircraft skin, it is necessary to pay special attention that the paint removal process must ensure that the substrate is not damaged.
Traditional paint removal processes include mechanical cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and chemical cleaning. Although these cleaning technologies are relatively mature, there are still many deficiencies. For example, the cleaning method of mechanical grinding is very easy to cause damage to the base material, and the method of chemical cleaning will pollute the environment, while the method of ultrasonic cleaning is limited by the size of the workpiece, and it is not easy to clean large-sized parts.
Faced with these problems, laser cleaning technology has become the most advantageous process for aircraft skin stripping. Laser cleaning machine is to use the energy of the beam to gather and irradiate the surface of the material, so that the attachments, dirt and oxide layers on the surface of the material are instantly evaporated and peeled off through high temperature expansion. The process is fast, pollution-free, and damage-free to the substrate.
With the increasingly stringent environmental requirements in the industrial field, traditional cleaning methods have been unable to meet industrial needs. The emergence of laser cleaning technology shows its unique advantages and makes up for the shortcomings of traditional cleaning. Laser cleaning and paint removal not only reduces environmental pollution, but also improves cleaning efficiency and has a wider range of applications.
The laser cleaning machine adopts a non-contact cleaning method for the workpiece, which is very safe to clean the precision workpiece or its fine parts, and can ensure its accuracy. Therefore, laser cleaning has unique advantages in the industrial field.

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