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Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine Demonstrates Rust Removal
This is a video of a handheld laser cleaning machine demonstrating metal rust removal. It shows how a 1000W laser cleaner completely removes rust. Handheld laser rust removers eliminate hours of manual labor and apparently work well when repairing rusted workpieces.
Every material has an ablation threshold, which means it has the heat to break chemical bonds. When this is applied to cleaning or rust removal, laser cleaning operators can use vaporization to remove contaminants from the surface of the material without damaging the substrate. Laser rust removal not only improves the appearance of the workpiece, but also prolongs its life.
While many traditional rust removal methods are mechanical friction or sandblasting to remove rust, using a laser rust removal system can provide an effective alternative. Compared to sandblasting, laser descaling keeps more workpiece surfaces intact. It even reduces the time it takes to complete the cleaning of each part, which makes it a good industrial cleaning method.
Laser rust removal is simple, it does not need to be equipped with a full set of protective equipment, just wear laser protective glasses to start metal rust removal work. Laser cleaning has no chemical reagents and no media, and is suitable for cleaning irregular surfaces with finer cleaning. If you are looking to find a sustainable and efficient way of cleaning to restore old workpieces, please contact us today.

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