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Fiber Laser cleaning machine for Metal rust removal
Laser cleaning technology is an environmentally friendly process used to remove rust, paint, oxides and other contaminants on the surface of materials. Since this cleaning method only uses a laser beam to evaporate the surface contamination layer that needs to be removed, there are practically no consumables. This is the uniqueness of the laser, it only needs to be connected to the power supply to use.
The video shows the process of laser cleaning machine to remove metal rust. It can be seen that the metal rust before cleaning is very serious, and the rust is very thick. After laser cleaning, the metal surface is very clean and there is no damage.
Most importantly, the laser cleaning process does not use any chemical products or solvents. This makes laser cleaning technology one of the safest and environmentally friendly solutions for rust removal and coating removal. Not only there is no chemical waste to be treated, but the operators are also completely safe, and there is no harm to health.
The laser cleaning machine adopts handheld cleaning gun, which can flexibly deal with various objects and angles. The connection cable between the laser head and the machine is up to 10 meters long, and the material can be cleaned in a larger area without moving the machine. If your workshop area is large, you can customize the cable length, there are 15 meters and 20 meters to choose from.
The most common laser cleaning applications include:
Welding pre-treatments to remove rust and other contaminants from welding areas
Welding post-treatments to remove aluminum and stainless-steel oxides
Laser surface preparation to maximize paint adhesion
Laser oxide removal from specialty alloy ingots
Depainting parts that would otherwise be scrapped due to paint defects
Laser cleaning machines can overcome many problems faced by rust removal and other industrial cleaning. The ACCTEK laser cleaner is on sale at a cheap price, only in December. If you need an efficient metal cleaning machine, please feel free to communicate online or send an email to 

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