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Does Laser Rust Removal Machine work?
As a new type of industrial rust removal equipment, laser rust removal machine is welcomed by many users. But for users who have been using traditional methods to remove rust, it is always skeptical to accept innovative methods. Some users will ask, how does the laser rust remover work? Is laser rust removal thorough? Is laser rust removal harmful?
To understand the working performance of a laser rust removal machine, you must first understand how it works. Laser rust removal works by irradiating a high-energy laser beam to the surface of the workpiece. When the laser beam interacts with the rust layer, the rust layer will form its gas or particles off the surface of the workpiece.
As for the effect of laser rust removal, you can understand it very intuitively from the laser rust removal video. You can see that even with heavy rust, by setting the appropriate laser cleaning parameters, the metal surface can still achieve a clean cleaning effect. By controlling the laser flux, wavelength and pulse length, the area of ​​material that is laser cleaned can be controlled extremely precisely.
In addition to cleaning effectiveness, safety is another important factor. In the process of laser rust removal, it will not emit a lot of CO2 like dry ice cleaning, nor will it generate chemical waste. This is in stark contrast to traditional cleaning methods. The rust removal process of the laser cleaning machine does not require special media, does not produce secondary pollution, saves operating costs, and is more environmentally friendly.
Laser rust remover can be used in any working environment and temperature, so laser cleaning machine operators do not need to be equipped with a full set of protective equipment, but only need to wear laser protective glasses. The whole process of cleaning metal and removing rust is very safe and will not harm the health of the laser cleaning machine operator.
The new way to remove rust from metal doesn't mean it's difficult. Laser cleaning machines are easy to operate, and you'll get more out of it in no time.

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