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All-in-one Laser Cleaning and Welding Machine
Laser technology already occupies an important place in industrial applications. Whether it is laser cutting, laser cleaning, or laser welding, the application of each laser process provides a powerful boost to industrial progress and development. In order to meet the needs of the market, laser equipment is also constantly innovating. This article introduces an all-in-one laser cleaning and welding machine, which has three functions of laser cleaning, welding and cutting at the same time, and can be used in more metal processing fields.
Laser cleaning and welding machine can easily remove oil, rust and coatings from materials before welding metal, and remove debris and discoloration after welding. At the same time, it can carry out the cutting process of metal plates, which can help users achieve the best work efficiency conveniently and efficiently.
Features of laser cleaning and welding machine
Laser cleaning mode and laser welding mode can be switched flexibly.
The laser cleaning and welding machine is equipped with a Ruida control system, which has two modes of cleaning and welding. The system panel is easy to operate, and the working mode can be switched at any time according to the processing needs. Support a variety of different swing types, automatic wire feeding, process parameter storage and other functions.
Small size, flexible and convenient to use.
The laser cleaning and welding machine is designed with a hand-held laser gun, and there is a 10-meter connecting cable between the laser head and the machine. Metal welding and metal cleaning can be done in a large area of ​​the workshop without moving the machine. The laser cleaning welding gun is comfortable to hold and can flexibly cope with various objects and angles.
Safety protection device
The laser cleaning welding gun is equipped with a temperature monitoring system, which can monitor the temperature of the lens. When it exceeds the safety range, it will automatically give an early warning of damage.
As you can see from the video of laser cleaning and welding, to switch the laser welding mode to the laser cleaning mode, you only need to replace the laser head and then change the system parameters to quickly complete the replacement of the processing mode.
If your workshop needs such a versatile laser cleaning and welding equipment, start consulting now and you will get a professional purchase plan.

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