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Affordable Industrial Laser Cleaning Machines for Sale
Laser cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning a wide variety of materials and are considered the most reliable and efficient industrial cleaning solutions. Laser cleaner is an industrial equipment that uses a high-energy-density laser beam to irradiate the surface of the workpiece to instantly evaporate or peel off the dirt, rust or coating on the surface, thereby realizing efficient cleaning.
Many people who pay attention to fiber laser cleaning machines want to know how much does it cost to buy a laser cleaning machine in 2022? In fact, the price is affected by many factors, such as the power of the laser generator, the cleaning material, the thickness to be cleaned, etc. The price of cleaning machines with different powers is different. The higher the power, the higher the price. Generally, the price of laser cleaning machines in the market ranges from $700 to $30,000.
ACCTEK fiber laser cleaning machine adopts high-quality laser source, with high beam quality and stable performance. It can accurately locate and clean, and effectively remove fine pollution particles. Equipped with a hand-held laser cleaning gun, it can flexibly deal with various objects and angles, and is light and easy to operate. The length of the connection cable between the cleaning gun and the machine is up to 10 meters, which can complete a wide range of material cleaning work without the need to move the machine frequently.
Fiber laser cleaning machine has 1000W/1500W/2000W options. High-power laser cleaning equipment can efficiently clean the surface of various materials, with high cleanliness, no consumables, energy saving and environmental protection. Equipped with an industrial chiller, specially developed for fiber laser equipment, with excellent heat dissipation effect. Stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, high efficiency and energy saving.
Through the video, you can intuitively understand the rust removal effect of the laser cleaning machine.

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