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ACCTEK laser cleaning machine is well received in Spain
The photo you see is from our Spanish user, who purchased a 1500W laser cleaning machine for their workshop cleaning work, and now this machine has done cleaning work for them on multiple projects with good results . They are very satisfied with the laser cleaning equipment and marvel at its powerful function and simple operation method.
Fiber laser cleaning machines have become very popular in recent years and have been widely used in various industries. This is because it avoids the disadvantages of many traditional cleaning methods and creates a simple, safe and efficient cleaning method for users. Here are the reasons why laser cleaning machines are popular.
1. Safety and environmental protection
Laser cleaning and rust removal does not use any chemicals or other media, so the entire cleaning process will not produce any waste or pollutants, and does not require secondary cleaning of the workplace, will not pollute the environment, and is more environmentally friendly. Especially now that people's awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, and the environmental protection law has higher and higher requirements for enterprises to discharge pollutants. The application of laser cleaning machines brings new ways for enterprises to adapt to the requirements of the new era.
2. Easy to operate
The laser cleaning machine is equipped with a handheld laser cleaning gun with a comfortable handle. The operator only needs to hold the handle, point the laser cleaning gun at the workpiece to be cleaned and scan. In addition, the laser cleaning system can save a variety of process parameters. For commonly used cleaning modes, the cleaning parameters of the corresponding materials can be saved. When you clean the same type of material again, you only need to select the corresponding mode, no need to set the parameters again.
3. Low operating cost
The laser cleaning machine can be used when it is powered on, and does not require consumables, so the operating cost is the lowest among all cleaning equipment.
4. No damage to the base material
In traditional cleaning methods, chemical agents will corrode the material surface; mechanical cleaning or sandblasting cleaning will cause wear on the material surface. These methods will have a certain impact on the life of the material. Laser cleaning system avoids this problem well. The laser uses a non-contact cleaning method, so whether it is using laser rust removal or laser paint removal, it will not cause damage to the material.
5. Fast cleaning speed
The video shows you the rust removal speed of the 1000W laser cleaning machine, and you can see that the laser rust removal speed is very fast. This means you can tackle more items that need cleaning in less time.
Our Spanish user purchased a 1500W laser cleaning machine. In addition, we also provide users with 2000W/3000W high-power laser cleaning equipment. The higher the power of the machine, the faster the cleaning speed, and of course the more expensive the price, which needs to be selected according to your cleaning needs. This high-power laser cleaning machine often uses a continuous laser generator. This cleaning equipment is suitable for cleaning large workpieces, such as automobiles, construction machinery, outdoor guardrails, and graffiti on the ground. If you need to clean precious objects such as precision instruments or historical relics, we recommend that you choose a pulse laser cleaning machine. This type of cleaning equipment allows for better control of heat input and better protection for small workpieces that dissipate heat slowly. ACCTEK provides you with 100W/200W/300W/500W pulse laser cleaning machines with different powers to meet your different cleaning requirements.
There are many types of laser cleaning machines to choose from according to the needs of different industrial fields. Although you need to invest more in the initial stage of purchasing the machine, it can be used stably for a long time. Laser cleaning equipment has almost no consumables and requires no special maintenance, so it can save you more in the long run. If you want to know the effect of laser cleaning, communicate online and get more cleaning videos.

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