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1500W Laser Cleaning Machines in Kazakhstan
This photo is from a customer in Kazakhstan who is a cleaning service provider. Not long ago, he bought a 1500W laser cleaning machine in our company. At present, this machine has completed cleaning work for several metal projects for him, and he is very satisfied with the cleaning effect of the machine. Next, we will introduce this machine in detail for you.
The ACCTEK 1500W laser cleaning machine AKQ-1500 uses a laser beam to irradiate the surface of the material to remove rust, paint and other pollutants. The entire cleaning process is non-contact and non-abrasive, and will not generate mechanical force on the surface of the material, so the substrate will not be damaged. Laser generators are available in a variety of brands, including JPT, Raycus, Reci, IPG, and more.
The 1500W high-power laser cleaning machine is equipped with a professional laser cleaning system. The system has a variety of lighting modes, with strong compatibility. Up to 32 sets of process parameters can be saved in the process library. Each mode corresponds to different parameter settings, and the cleaning parameters of the corresponding material can be saved. When you clean the same material, you can directly select the corresponding mode without setting the parameters again. The operation is very convenient.
This laser cleaner is designed with a hand-held cleaning gun, which is light and easy to operate, and can flexibly deal with various objects and angles. The laser beam has a positioning function, which ensures that the surrounding area is not affected during the cleaning process and is able to effectively remove fine contamination particles.
As a new type of cleaning equipment, laser cleaning machine is easy to operate and control. No chemical media and other consumables are required, and the running cost is very low. If your workshop also needs such a laser cleaning equipment, start communication now and start your laser cleaning plan.

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