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1000W Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine for sale
Handheld fiber laser cleaning machine AKQ-1000 produced by ACCTEK factory cleans the surface of metal materials by laser irradiation. ​The whole cleaning process has no grinding, non-contact and no thermal effects, and will not produce mechanical force on the cleaned material, will not damage the surface of the object, and will not damage the substrate.
The high-power laser cleaning machine is equipped with a professional cleaning system. With a variety of lighting modes, strong compatibility. 32 sets of process parameters can be saved in the process library. Each mode corresponds to different parameter settings, and the cleaning parameters of the corresponding material can be saved. When you clean the same material, you can directly select the corresponding mode without setting the parameters again.
1000W fiber laser cleaner is designed with a hand-held cleaning gun, which can flexibly deal with various objects and angles, and is light and easy to operate. The length of the connection cable between the cleaning gun and the machine is up to 10 meters, which can complete a wide range of material cleaning work without the need to move the machine frequently. Equipped with an industrial chiller specially developed for fiber laser equipment, the heat dissipation effect is excellent.
Laser cleaning machines are a new generation of high-tech cleaning equipment that are easy to install and control. The machine is easy to operate, turn on the power supply and turn on the device, and the cleaning without chemicals and medium can be realized. It can remove different kinds of pollutants on the surface of various materials, including rust, paint, cement, oil, dust, etc. The whole cleaning process is safe and efficient, and the cleaning effect is very ideal.
Laser cleaning machines can complete many of the problems faced by rust removal and other industrial cleaning, and you can learn more about laser cleaning details through this video.

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