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Widely used oscillating knife cutter

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The oscillating knife CNC cutting machine uses the high-frequency vibration of the blade up and down to cut, with tens of thousands of vibrations per minute, similar to the principle of a saw blade, but without serrations and no powder. The oscillating knife can freely change the cutter head. According to different cutting materials, you can choose round cutter, half cutter, drag cutter, bevel cutter, milling cutter and so on.
The finished product cut by the oscillating knife is clean and neat, the edges are smooth, and the size of the cut pieces is accurate, there is no smell, and it is more environmentally friendly. The oscillation knife can cut both soft and hard materials, and is widely used in foot pads, cushions, leather cutting, etc.
The oscillating knife CNC cutting machine has a variety of knives to choose from.
1. Vibrating knife
Mainly used for cutting thicker materials, generally cutting materials with a thickness between 1.5-2cm, such as KT boards, car mats, floor mats, leather, etc.;
2. Round knife
Cutting by blade rotation is mainly used for soft and thin materials. The thickness of the material needs to be less than 1CM, such as cloth and soft leather. Generally, multi-layer cutting is not possible.
3. Pneumatic knife
Knives driven by compressed air are mainly used to cut thicker materials, such as thick foam, and can even be cut in multiple layers;
4. Rotating knife
It is an air-cooled 0.8KW main shaft, but it is cut with a blade rotating, which can be used to cut hard materials, such as foot pads;
5. Drag the knife
It is generally used to cut very thin plastic, PVC, leather, posts, etc. It is generally used for single-layer cutting without ripples.
6. Indentation knife
It is also called a pressing wheel, which is mainly used for carton processing. The pressing wheel is used to press out the traces of the folded part of the carton, which is convenient for later molding.
In addition to the standard oscillating knife AKZ1625, our company also has a oscillating knife CNC cutting machine with a CCD camera-AKZ1625D. Industrial CCD cameras are mainly used to collect material information (patterns and shapes), and are professionally used for rapid information collection of irregular materials or printed pattern materials to achieve fast and accurate cutting.
The above is some introduction about the oscillating knife CNC cutting machine. If you have anything else you need to know, you can leave us a message, and our staff will reply to you in time, hope it will be helpful to you.

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