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Suitable tools of cnc machines is very important
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In order to ensure the accuracy of cnc machine engraving, choose the suiatbale machine tool is a big problem. Because there are so many kinds of the model specification of the tools. If the choice is wrong, that will inevitably affect the precision of engraving. So how do to pick that right tools of cnc machines? The followings are details of the specific content for your reference.
Suitable tools of cnc machines is a big problem
Suitable tools of cnc machines is a big problem
1. High hardness and wear resistance
Hardness is the basic characteristic of tool material. If the tool is to cut material from the workpiece, its hardness must be higher than that of the workpiece material.The hardness of tool material is generally above 60HRC.Wear resistance is the ability of the material to resist wear, generally speaking, the higher the hardness of the tool material, the better the wear resistance, the finer the grain of the material, the more uniform the distribution, the higher the wear resistance.
2. Sufficient strength and toughness
In order to prevent the tool from being subjected to large pressure, impact or vibration in the cutting process, the tool material must have sufficient strength and toughness.
3. High heat resistance
Woodworking and engraving machinery manufacturers remind everyone that tool materials in high temperature to maintain the hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness of the performance.The higher the hardness of the tool material at high temperature, the better the cutting performance of the tool, the higher allowable cutting speed. In addition, the tool material must have the ability to resist oxidation at high temperature and good bonding and anti-diffusion ability.
4. Good technological performance
In order to be easy to manufacture, good process performance is required for tool materials.\
5.Economical efficiency
Economical efficiency is one of the important indexes of tool material. Some tool materials are expensive, but because of the long service life, the cost of each part is not necessarily high.
6. Predictability of cutting performance
With the development of machining automation, cutting performance such as tool wear and tool durability requires good predictability.
Before purchasing the cnc machines for woodworking, tell manufacturer your needs,they will provide you right tools according to the needs of the user's work and different materials for carving.

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