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Small size ATC CNC Router will be shipped to the United States
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Under normal circumstances, users who purchase automatic tool-changing CNC router machine often need to process large-area plates, so the common ATC CNC engraving machine sizes are mostly 1325 (4×8ft) or 1530 (5×10ft). The ATC CNC router introduced in this post is a machine customized for American user, and it is a small-size disc auto tool changer engraving machine. The disc tool changer is equipped with 12 tools, which can be automatically changed according to the program setting to complete precise engraving and cutting work.
In addition to processing wood, the American user also needs to cut a small amount of metal materials, so he has upgraded the configuration of this engraving machine. The following is an introduction to this customized CNC router AKM9012C. You can choose the appropriate engraving equipment according to your processing needs. 
ATC CNC router
This ATC CNC router AKM9012C is a heavy-duty bed, using a cast iron table, which is basically not affected by temperature, corrosion resistance, and has good stability and durability. Equipped with a disc-type automatic tool change device, the tool is fixed on the side of the gantry, and is always on the same horizontal line as the spindle. The tool change speed is fast and the work efficiency is high. The tool changer is equipped with a total of 12 tools. The machine will automatically select different tools for engraving or cutting according to the program settings, which can complete the processing of many complex patterns.
The CNC engraving machine AKM9012C is equipped with a 5.5KW water-cooled spindle, with a maximum speed of 24000 rpm and strong power, which can easily complete the engraving and cutting of materials. Because the user needs to cut metal, a water-cooled nozzle is installed on the spindle. Used to cool the tool and metal surface when the CNC machine is working, the water flow can be adjusted, and the cooling effect is better. In order to protect the machine and the workplace, the machine is also equipped with a sink device, which can collect the waste water and drain the water through the drain.
ATC CNC router
Because the material processed by the customer is mainly wood, a lot of wood chips will be generated during the whole engraving process, so a dust collector is selected for the CNC engraving machine. The ACCTEK 3.0KW double-bag dust collector can control all sawdust residues in a small range through the dust-proof brush on the spindle when the engraving machine is working, and then suck the debris into the vacuum cleaner. It not only ensures the cleanliness of the working environment, but also benefits the health of the staff.
In addition to engraving flat materials, user also need to process cylindrical materials, so a rotary axis device is added to the machine. The rotary axis has a diameter of 160mm and a length of 1200mm. When you need to engrave cylindrical materials, you only need to place the rotatary axis on the table of the CNC machine, which is very convenient.
This CNC router is equipped with Delta servo motor, which has fast signal feedback and more stable operation. Servo motor has the advantages of high precision and stable performance. It is also equipped with an automatic oil filling device. Just set the interval time and oil filling time, and the machine can automatically lubricate the guide rail and the lead screw according to the system settings.
ACCTEK is a professional CNC router supplier, and our engraving and cutting equipment are trusted by users in different countries. Our professionals will customize the purchase plan for you according to your needs.

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