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Professional CNC Router machine with cutting saw in Spain

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ACCTEK engineers have completed the commissioning of the woodworking CNC Router machine AKM2040. Now this machine has been packaged and is on the way to customers in the Spain.
Unlike ordinary woodworking cnc router, this machine is equipped with a cutting saw on the gantry, which is mainly used for a large number of straight-line cutting of plates. Because our Spanish customer is engaged in the door panel manufacturing industry, in addition to engraving patterns on the wooden boards, he also needs to perform a large number of straight-line cuttings on the wooden boards. The plate area is large and the thickness is high. In this case, the cutting efficiency of the saw blade is higher, and the loss of the spindle tool can be reduced.
The following introduction is the CNC Router AKM2040 with cutting saw chosen by Spanish user. If your shop also needs an engraving cutting equipment, you can use it as a reference.

Detailed information of CNC Router AKM2040 with cutting saw:

The working area of this  engraving machine is 2000×4000mm.

3.5KW HQD air cooling spindle + a cutting saw

The 3.5KW spindle is used for engraving and cutting normal materials.
In addition, it is equipped with a 300mm diameter cutting saw, which can cut panels with a maximum thickness of 50mm at high speed. The cutting saw can be rotated 360°, which is easy to operate. It is very suitable for the processing needs of furniture panels and door panels.

Syntec controller 60W-E

The system stability is very good, powerful functions, the operating software is simple and easy to learn,the man-machine operation is friendly. Professionally applied to high-end cnc router machines, the anti-interference ability and control accuracy of the control system are superior to other types.

Vacuum table (six zones) and two sets of 7.5KW air pump double stage

The air pump is used to extract the air between the workpiece and the worktable surface to form a negative pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of fixing the material on the worktable. Double stage air pump with filter and pressure relief valve. It has less noise when working. The vacuum adsorption technology is applied to the woodworking cnc router to greatly improve the work efficiency.

3.0KW double bags dust collector

The ACCTEK dust collector comes with a bracket, which is installed reasonably and makes the machine more beautiful. When the cnc router is working, the dust-proof brush on the spindle to control all the sawdust residues in a small range, and then debris is sucked into the vacuum cleaner. It not only ensures the cleanliness of the working environment, but also benefits the health of the staff.

Fuling inverter.

This machine uses Fuling inverter. This inverter has stable performance, rich combination of functions, high-performance vector control technology, low-speed and high-torque output, good dynamic characteristics and super overload capacity.
The saw blade on the AKM2040 cnc router machine can automatically rotate according to the processing program, and can cut the plate from multiple directions without manual switching, and the operation is simple and convenient. If your company is engaged in the production of furniture panels and door panels, then this cnc router with cutting saw will bring effective help to your production.
If you need other types of engraving and cutting equipment, you can consult online at any time. ACCTEK will provide you with the best purchase plan.

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