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Multi Heads CNC Router with 4 rotary axis for cylindrical material
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CNC router machine
The multi-head CNC router AKM1325-4R is equipped with four rotary axis, which is professionally used for the engraving and cutting of cylindrical materials, such as table legs, chair legs, stair handrails, Roman columns, etc. With four spindles can work at the same time, it is a very suitable CNC engraving equipment for industries that need to process cylindrical materials on a large scale.
The multi heads CNC router AKM1325-4R is an integral casting lathe bed, which is solid and stable ,high rigidity and high accuracy. Equipped with four 2.2KW water-cooled spindles, the cooling effect is good, and the engraving work can be carried out for a long time. All spindles work at the same time, allowing more workpieces to be produced in the same amount of time, increasing workshop efficiency.
Rotary CNC router is equipped with Mach3 control system. ​We use Ethernet interface controller card, high reliability, anti-interference. The program is installed on a computer connected to the control machine. It is the most common software for CNC machines in the world, , support Winxp Win7 Win10, doesn’t need driver installed. Support spindle speed feedback function and power-off resume function. Aluminum housing, shielding interference, stable and reliable. Our software is compatible with TYPE3/ARTCAM/CASTMATE/UG and many other kinds of CAD/CAM software, can change the working file into G code, guarantee that the design does not have the barrier.
CNC router machine
This cylindrical CNC engraving machine with high-performance Leadshine stepper motors and drivers, so that the machine can work at high speed and accuracy. Equipped with Taiwan Hiwin square guide rails, it runs smoothly, with high speed and quietness, high abrasion resistance, and good load-carrying capacity. This machine uses Fuling inverter. This inverter has stable performance, rich combination of functions, high-performance vector control technology, low-speed and high-torque output.
The biggest feature of the rotary CNC router is that it has a thimble and a chuck device. The thimble and the chuck are used to fix the cylindrical material to complete the engraving of the workpiece, to ensure that the material does not loosen during the machine running, so that the engraved workpiece has higher precision and quality. With extra tray on chuck , can fix big diameter cylindrical materials goods.
On the rotary CNC router AKM1325-4R, 3D machining of cylindrical surfaces and arc surfaces is realized due to the rotational motion of the 4th rotary axis. Rotary CNC routers are also known as 4th axis CNC routers, , 4 axis CNC router tables, 4 axis CNC router machines, 4 axis CNC router kits, 4 axis CNC machines, 4 axis CNC machining centers. If you need to machine 3D workpieces, this CNC router machine can help you.

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