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Laser technology achieves unparalleled visual enjoyment
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Three primary color pure laser is the high-end projector label

   Laser display technology based on laser light source is known as the fourth generation of "successor" after black and white display, color display and digital display.Laser display technology has the advantages of wide gamut range, long life, environmental protection and energy saving, which will promote the revolutionary improvement of the comprehensive performance of display system.

   Laser display using high power (watts) of red, green, blue three primary colors () monochrome laser as the light source, mixed perfect color, using a variety of methods for scanning line and field, when the scanning speed is higher than the critical flicker frequency imaging, can meet the requirements of human eyes' visual residue, the human eye can be observed clearly.The critical scintillation frequency shall be no less than 50Hz.Liquid crystals reproduce only 27 percent of the gamut seen by the human eye, plasma 32 percent, and lasers 92 percent or more.


Holographic technology

    Holographic technology is to record the light wave information of the object by using the principle of interference, which is the shooting process: the photographed object forms a diffuse beam of object under laser irradiation;The other part of the laser as a reference beam shoots onto the holographic plate and creates interference superposition with the object beam, which converts the phase and amplitude of each point on the object light wave into the intensity changing in space, and then records all the information of the object light wave by using the contrast and interval between the interference fringes.The negative recording the interference fringes is then developed, fixed, and processed into a hologram, or hologram.

    The diffraction principle is used to reproduce the light wave information of the object, which is the imaging process: the hologram is like a complex grating. Under the coherent laser irradiation, the diffraction light wave of a sinusoidal hologram recorded linearly can generally give two images, namely the original image (also known as the initial image) and the conjugate image.The reconstructed image has strong stereoscopic effect and real visual effect.Each part of a hologram records light information at each point on an object, so in principle each part can reproduce the entire image of the original, and multiple exposures can record several different images on the same negative, and each can be displayed separately without interference.


Full 3d technology

    Laser display and holographic technology cooperation, the birth of a new technology called laser holography.Laser holography is a technique that allows diffraction light from an object to be reproduced in exactly the same position and size as before.When viewed from different locations, the image displayed changes.As a result, the images taken by this technique are in three dimensions.

    Laser display has unique advantages such as large gamut space, long light source life, energy saving and environmental protection, so the picture presented by laser display has bright colors, rich colors, and a three-dimensional sense of layering. In the future, it will play a large role in integrating with VR, holography and other cutting-edge technologies.

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