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Introduction and application of guide rail part .2
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Introduction and application of guide rail part .2
Hollow guide rail:
Hollow guide rail is made of steel plate through cold bending (or rolling) into a hollow t-shaped elevator to reuse guide rail, because of the empty characteristics, it can reduce the weight and cost of guide rail.It meets the function of redirection, but cannot bear the clamping force of the safety clamps, so it is only used for the heavy rail without the safety clamps, and the elevator speed is not high.
The life of the hollow guide ZIh class, group, type, characteristics, main parameters and deformation code composition.
□ -- deformation code: A for bottom hem, bottom straight edge omitted;
△ -- main parameter code: rail unit weight, kg/m;
K -- type code: hollow section steel;
T -- class group code: t-shaped elevator to reuse guide rail.
Installation of guide rail:
(1) install the guide rail foundation seat
In the bottom pit ground installation fixed rail channel steel foundation seat.Its center should coincide with the center line of the car guide rail.
After the channel steel foundation seat is leveled, an M16 expansion bolt is made at both ends of the channel steel to connect and fix the channel steel and the floor of the bottom pit. If the bottom pit has structural steel bars, it can also be welded with steel bars.The error of levelness of channel steel foundation shall be no more than 1/1000.
After the position of channel steel foundation seat is determined, it shall be filled with concrete and leveled.The Angle steel frame at both ends of channel steel foundation seat is used to fix the guide rail.
If there is no channel steel foundation seat under the guide rail, a thickness of ≥12 mm, an area of 200 mm×200 mm of steel plate can be placed under the guide rail, and the guide rail with electric welding spot welding.
The floor of the bottom pit should not be higher than the plane of the channel steel foundation.
The use of oil lubrication of the guide rail, need to be in the foundation of the guide rail before the lower end of the ground 40 mm high from a section of the working face saw off, in order to leave the position of the oil box.Or there are oil grooves under the guide rail and the oil flows directly into the oil box placed on one side.
(2) guide rail installation
Hanging a pulley in the hole in the center of the floor, and fixed firmly, used to lift the guide rail.
(2) the floor is higher than 12 floor and above can be considered to use hoist lifting track, lower than 12 floor can use nylon rope (or steel wire rope) manual lifting, nylon rope (or steel wire rope) diameter should be more than 25 mm, lifting guide rail to use double hook hook guide rail connecting plate.
(3) the convex tenon of the guide should face up, should clear the dust on the tenon, to ensure that the joints of the gap in accordance with the standard requirements.
The installation of track at the same time to install the pressure plate and between the guide rail and support stuffing 1 ~ 2 mm gasket, the top of the track and the floor space is not more than 100 mm.The extra guide rail should be sawed off with grinding wheel. Gas welding is strictly prohibited.
(3) adjust the guide rail
(1) remove the installation line of guide rail bracket, put the guide rail center line at the center line position of the car guide rail determined on the sample plate, and fix it well.
Check the distance between the end face of the guide rail and the center line of the cage with a steel blind ruler. Adjust the distance between the guide rail bracket and the guide rail by adding and subtracting shim, so that the distance between the end face of the guide rail and the center line of the car guide rail at each measurement point is consistent.
Introduction and application of guide rail part .2
Sliding guide rail has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture and large contact stiffness.However, the traditional sliding guide rail has high friction resistance, fast wear, large difference in dynamic and static friction factors, and it is easy to creep at low speed.In order to improve the positioning accuracy and movement stability of CNC machine tools, plastic guide rail has been widely used in CNC machine tools.Its friction factor is small;Besides, the dynamic and static friction factors are similar, and the motion stability is good, which can prevent the phenomenon of crawling at a low speed.Good wear resistance, self lubrication and vibration resistance;Good chemical stability;Simple process and low cost.
Generally speaking, the most significant features of the sliding plastic guide are its excellent rigidity, vibration absorption (to suppress the vibration generated by cutting tools) and damping (to prevent the vibration of the guide system when it starts or stops). It is suitable for the use of the machine tool with a large cutting load, and its cost is lower and it is economical and practical.
Introduction and application of guide rail part .2

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