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How to be distributor of Chinese cnc router and laser machine

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Some customers ask question when buying a machine or after using our machine: I like your machine very much, how to be distributor ? I am honored that our cnc router and laser machines have been recognized by users. Regarding this question, ACCTEK has the following answers, which you can understand.
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Why become an ACCTEK distributor?

First of all, after you become the distributor of ACCTEK, you can enjoy the agent price in the international market when you buy the machine. Then set the selling price by yourself according to your local market situation, and the price will become your advantage.
The second point, after you become a distributor of ACCTEK machines, our engineers will provide you with professional product training and technical support. You can arrange your technicians to study in our factory, and we have professionals to provide you with training. Professional technical capabilities will get you more customer recognition and gain a larger market.
Finally, it is a very important point. The ACCTEK brand has gained certain recognition and popularity in the international market, and our carving equipment already has a wide customer base. If you provide technical support for engraving equipment in your country, then you are likely to encounter equipment produced by the ACCTEK factory, which is widely used in the engraving industry. Choosing to become a distributor of ACCTEK will provide you with the possibility to become a popular cnc router machine company in local.
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How do I become an ACCTEK distributor?

As a distributor of ACCTEK machines, you need to have sales experience and good negotiation skills. You can accurately find target customers based on market information and get opportunities to communicate with customers. Being able to find customers is the first step in order transactions.
In addition to sales skills, you must have your own company team, preferably you have experience in operating mechanical products. As a qualified agent, you must have your own technical team to be able to provide the necessary support to local customers. Of course, you must also have relevant capabilities such as customs clearance, goods receipt, and customer service. High-quality products and excellent services are the basis for long-term user support.

As an ACCTEK distributor, what can I sell?

cnc router and fiber laser cutting mcahine
Jinan AccTek Machinery Company specializes in manufacturing CNC Router and Laser machines. Among them, ATC CNC Router machine and fiber laser cutting machine are favored by customers for their high automation and high quality.
Auto tool changer cnc router can be widely used in many carving industries such as woodworking industry, advertising industry, handicraft manufacturing and so on. The machine has 4-12 tool changers to choose from. When the machine is working, the spindle tool auto changes according to the program setting, which helps to reduce the total production time and improve the processing efficiency. The ATC CNC router is especially widely used in furniture manufacturing.
The fiber laser cutting machine can be used for plane cutting or bevel cutting, and the edges are neat and smooth. It is suitable for high-precision cutting processing such as metal plates. It is a new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product, and it is also one of the world's leading technological products.
The fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of high cutting accuracy, small heat-affected area, stable performance, continuous production, non-deformation, smooth and beautiful cutting seams, and no need for subsequent processing. Its application industries mainly include: sheet metal processing, aviation, electronics, subway accessories, automobiles, precision accessories, kitchenware processing, etc. It can be seen that the fiber laser cutting machine has a wide range of uses in metal cutting.
cnc router and fiber laser cutting mcahine
In addition to standardized products, a variety of customizable options are provided to meet customer needs. The accessories are mostly selected from well-known international brands, such as Japan's Panasonic, Yaskawa Electric, Italian HSD spindle, Taiwan HIWIN linear guide and so on.
It doesn't matter if your company is big or small. Becoming a distributor is an excellent first step in growing and expanding your business. It only takes one phone call, email or meeting to get the ball rolling. Make the most of it, and enjoy the benefits that come from being a distributor.

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