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High efficiency ATC cnc router for furniture processing

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The development of the furniture industry is inseparable from the application and progress of CNC Router machines. With the continuous improvement of the configuration of engraving cnc router, the processing efficiency and processing quality of workpieces are also rising.The woodworking engraving machine is controlled by a computer system. It uses a high-speed rotating engraving head to engrave various flat or three-dimensional relief graphics and characters according to the route set by the computer to realize automatic engraving operations. In this way, batch carving and cutting of furniture panels can be carried out, shorten the processing period, and bring greater benefits to the woodworking industry.
Today ACCTEK introduces a high-efficiency woodworking cnc router machine AKM1325C1, which is mainly used in the furniture industry and wooden door processing industry.The ATC CNC Router machine  has fast engraving speed and high precision, which greatly improves production efficiency and saves labor costs. It is suitable for mass production of panels in the furniture industry.
ATC CNC router
Configuration of AKM1325C1:
1.9KW ATC air cooling spindle
9KW Chinese ATC air cooling spindle to ensure the machine can be vigorous cutting. Smooth body, not easy to rust; powerful and longer lifetime. Independent research and development, rational design.
2.Auto tool changer
8pcs linear type auto tool changers,ISO30. Don’t need to change tools manually when machine works, which saves a lot of time and greatly improves the efficiency of material processing. It is very suitable for complex and large-scale engraving processing.
3.Mach3 controller
We use Ethernet interface controller card, high reliability, anti-interference. 
The program is installed on a computer connected to the control machine. It is the most common software for CNC machines in the world. Support spindle speed feedback function and power-off resume function.
4.Leadshine easy servo motor
Without A/D conversion, the digital pulse signal can be directly convertedinto angular displacement. Cheap and good performance ,function is to drive the axis movement as parameter setting.
ATC CNC router
5.Taiwan Hiwin 25 raisl, helical gear an rack transmission
Low noise, stable operation; good meshing of helical gears, large overlap reduces the load of each pair of gears, and improves the load-carrying capacity of the gears.
6.Vacuum table and 5.5KW air pump double stage
The vacuum table is mainly used to draw the air between the plate and the worktable surface through a vacuum pump to form a negative pressure, so that the material is tightly adsorbed on the table. The vacuum adsorption technology is applied to the woodworking cnc router to greatly improve the work efficiency.
7.3.0KW double bags dust collector
This AKM1325C1 is equipped with two 3.0KW bags dust collector, which can directly collect waste such as wood chips into the vacuuming bag when processing the board, making the working environment cleaner.
8.Auto oil lubrication
Only need to set the interval time and oil filling time, the machine can automatically lubricate the guide rail and the lead screw according to the setting.
9.Limit switch :
Restrict the position or stroke of the mechanical movement.The mechanical movement according to a certain position or stroke automatic stop, reverse movement, variable speed movement or automatic round-trip movement.
This CNC Router AKM1325C1 of our company is produced in our own factory, and the price is affordable. If your workshop needs an cnc router machine, you can contact us online, we will make a suitable plan for you according to your processing plate and processing needs. I hope it helps you.

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