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Fully enclosed fiber laser marking machine shipping to Italy

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The laser marking machine is a marking on the surface of the material, so it is also called a laser engraving machine. With the continuous improvement of the workshop's requirements for work efficiency and workpiece quality, fiber laser marking machines are more and more popular with users. Laser marking machine has the advantages of fast marking speed, low energy consumption, permanent marking, etc., which can help users to mark products efficiently and professionally.
ACCTEK has a fully enclosed fiber laser marking machine AK6090F that has completed the running test and will be packaged and ship to Italy. The working area of ​​this marking machine is 600×900mm, which can carry out large-area pattern marking and process large-sized workpieces. Fully enclosed cabinet design, more secure. Equipped with special control software for marking - the latest version of Ezcad, with powerful editing functions, stable system, easy operation and installation.

According to the user's request, we have carried out the marking test on the stainless steel plate. From the photo, you can see that the pattern formed by laser marking is very fine, even if the pattern is complex and tight, the texture is still very clear.
Laser marking machine
The fully enclosed laser marking machine AK6090F is equipped with a Raycus fiber laser source, which has higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, higher and more stable optical quality, and ensures a finer marking pattern. The laser galvanometer scanning head is efficient and energy-saving, and scans in high definition. It has a very high operating speed and can mark any type of information or pattern on your metal parts.
Compared with other marking equipment, the laser marking machine has low power consumption, no consumables, simple maintenance, longer service life and lower operating costs. And the use of laser marking machine is more extensive. Whether it is metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, copper, or non-metallic materials such as wood, plastic, and ceramics, laser marking machines can create precise and permanent marks on their surfaces.
Since Italian users are more interested in marking the surface of large-sized materials, we customized this AK6090F for him according to his needs. If you need to mark your workpieces with tracking marks such as labels, date of manufacture, serial numbers, etc., a portable laser marker is for you. The portable fiber laser marking machine can be hand-held or placed on the workbench. It is small in size, high in efficiency, and easy to install and carry. It can mark metal and non-metal well with stable performance.
No matter what type of laser marking machine, it has the characteristics of permanent marking, and the marked pattern will not fall off and fade, which perfectly solves the drawbacks of traditional marking methods. Laser marking is not only flexible in processing, but also very accurate, which can greatly reduce the defective rate of marked finished products and bring greater economic benefits to users.
ACCTEK is a professional CNC laser marking machine supplier. The optical fiber marking machine produced by our factory has high precision and stable performance. These marking machines feature the latest technology to help you mark your products efficiently and professionally. To learn more, you can communicate online.

More laser marking machines are available. If you are interested, you can click the link to view it.


Desktop Laser Marking Machine

Desktop Laser Marking Machine
The desktop fiber laser marking machine has excellent fast marking performance, small size and high efficiency. It can be used for all kinds of metal and non-metal character marking and pattern marking.

Large Size Laser Marking Machine

1325 Laser Marking Machine
The large size 1325 laser marking machine is specially designed for marking large area sheets. The bed is welded by steel pipe, the structure is firm and durable, and it is not easy to deform. The splicing marking method is adopted, and the splicing accuracy is 0.02mm.

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