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Fiber laser cutting machine for cutting metal pipe sheet AKJ1530F3
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As a classic model, the fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in many common areas in our lives, such as the processing of stainless steel kitchen utensils, storage cabinets and other cabinets, which are closely related to people's daily life.

Used for cutting various metal plates and tubes (pipe cutting device can be added), mainly used for metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, brass, aluminum, various alloy plates, rare metals, etc.

1) Low cost, power consumption 0.5-1.5kw/h; customers can cut various metal plates by blowing;
2) High performance. Imported original packaged fiber laser with stable performance and lifespan of more than 100,000 hours;
3) Fast speed and high efficiency, the cutting speed of metal sheet is close to tens of meters;
4) The laser is maintenance-free, the cutting edge is perfect, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful;
5) Imported transmission mechanism and servo motor, high cutting precision;
6) Dedicated software can design or process graphics or text instantly. The operation is flexible and convenient.

Although the product performance of the fiber laser cutting machine itself is very good, the operating environment must be up to the standard to achieve good performance. Otherwise, once it is operated in a place that does not meet its working conditions, it will not only affect the work efficiency of the equipment, but also Will cause loss to it. So what aspects should be paid attention to in the operating environment of fiber laser cutting machine?


Fiber laser cutting machines are generally recommended to work in a constant temperature environment. Only under constant temperature conditions can the normal operation of the equipment and the processing accuracy of the equipment be guaranteed.


The relative humidity of the working environment of the fiber laser cutting machine is generally less than 70%. Because the laser cutting machine in high temperature and high humidity is powered off, the water molecules in the air will cause condensation on the circuit board of the power supply or driving device. When it works again, the condensation on the circuit board will easily cause a short circuit, which will cause machine malfunction.


In the long-term cutting process, if there is no good dust removal, the conductive dust will affect the health of the operator. In addition, if the electrical cabinet is not closed, the dust enters the electrical cabinet and deposits on the circuit board or module, which will cause damage to the electrical components. Especially high-voltage components. Therefore, good dust removal equipment is required when the equipment is working.

Keep ventilated

We mentioned humidity and dust prevention in the above working conditions. Ventilation is a common natural elimination method. Effective ventilation can better ensure the good operation of the cutting machine and the health of the operators.

Avoid direct sunlight

Avoid direct sunlight on the laser cutting machine, and try to place the equipment in a place where the indoor sunlight cannot be directly exposed, equipped with good lighting equipment.

The above is for the environmental factors that need to be paid attention to when the fiber laser cutting machine is running. If you have any questions when buying a laser cutting machine, please consult our staff, we will give you the most professional advice, we have perfect The after-sales system helps you solve some of the malfunctions that occurred after purchasing the machine.

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