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Efficient automatic tool changer CNC router shipping to USA
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ACCTEK engineers have completed the commissioning of the automatic tool change engraving machine AKM1325C. Now this machine has been packaged and is on the way to customers in the USA.
ATC CNC router
ATC CNC router is a type of automatic CNC machine with automatic tool changer kit. ATC is refer to automatic tool changer, the ATC CNC router usually carries tools magazine of 6 cutters or 8 cutters or 10 cutters or 12 cutters. The CNC router tools can automatically change according to the working requirements when the CNC router works, no need of manual operation, with good starting performance and large torque, it can give full play to the advantages of the machine's high speed and higher efficiency.
The following introduction is the ATC CNC Router AKM1325C chosen by U.S. user. If your shop also needs an engraving equipment, you can use it as a reference.
The working area of this 4x8ft ATC CNC router machine AKM1325C is 1300×2500×200mm. It adopts  linear automatic tool changer kit with tool magazine of 8 tools, the router bits can automatically change to fit different works according to your requirements. Don’t need to change tools manually when machine works, which saves a lot of time and greatly improves the efficiency of material processing. It is very suitable for complex and large-scale engraving processing.
ATC CNC router
The 4x8ft ATC CNC router is equipped with a 9.0KW HQD automatic tool changer air-cooled spindle. Strong power to ensure fast and efficient cutting&carving of the machine. It has a long service life and can be used for carving and cutting of woodworking, cabinet making, door making, mold making, wood arts, wood crafts.
ACCTEK ATC CNC router AKM1325C adopts high-torque Delta servo motor made in Taiwan, which has the advantages of low noise, high speed and high positioning accuracy. Equipped with professional tool sensor can accurately compensate the tool length error. The tool change time only takes a few seconds, which will improve the working efficiency greatly.
This CNC machine uses Fuling inverter. This inverter has stable performance, rich combination of functions, high-performance vector control technology, low-speed and high-torque output, good dynamic characteristics and super overload capacity. The control system uses the Syntec 60W-E, which has good stability and powerful functions. The operating software is simple and easy to learn, the man-machine operation is friendly. Professionally applied to high-end cnc router machines, the anti-interference ability and control accuracy of the control system are superior to other types.
Every ATC CNC router machine produced by ACCTEK is equipped with T-slot & vacuum dual-purpose table. When cutting and carving material, you can choose vacuum suction or T-slot fixture to fix the plate. The vacuum table is divided into four zones. When the plate to be processed is small, only one adsorption zone can be opened to save electricity.
In order to cooperate with the use of the vacuum table, the ATC cnc router is equipped with 5.5KW air pump double stage, which are used to extract the air between the workpiece and the worktable surface to form a negative pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of fixing the material on the worktable. Double stage air pump with filter and pressure relief valve. It has less noise when working. The vacuum adsorption technology is applied to the woodworking cnc router to greatly improve the work efficiency.
Application of ATC CNC router
The development of the furniture industry is inseparable from the application and progress of CNC Router machines. Whether you are in the woodworking industry, advertising industry or other engraving industry, as long as you have engraving needs, you can consult with us online. Our staff will provide you with the best purchase plan.

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